Fortnite Season 8 Map Removes Tomato Temple & Wailing Woods, Still No Greasy Grove

Rest in peace, Tomato and Wailing.

Wailing Woods letter spawn

Fortnite is currently in downtime ahead of Season 8 officially kicking off, but we’ve already had our first look ahead at the map. While it features a couple of new spots, it sadly removes some classics and still neglects some classic haunts.

Here’s the Fortnite Season 8 map, courtesy of s1l0x.

Fortnite Season 8 map

As you can see, the northeast corner of the map is drastically different with Wailing Woods and Tomato Temple biting the bullet to make way for the volcano area, Lazy Lagoon, Sunny Steps, and the reintroduction of Risky Reels.

Interestingly, The Block has moved over to the upper left side of the map.

In addition, Lazy Links has been changed to Lazy Lagoon, which means that golf season is now over. Anarchy Acres has all grown up.

Unfortunately, The Prisoner doesn’t seem to have defrosted Greasy Grove just yet, though judging by the cinematic trailer for Season 8, a great battle between he and The Ice King may make it happen. I, personally, want the disco area to thaw out.

As pointed out by a Reddit user, the fall of Wailing Woods mean that the knights from Season 2 no longer have anything to protect.

Fortnite Season 8 kicks off today until May 8th; expect an hour or so of downtime until the season launches. Those who completed their Overtime challenges will get the Battle Pass for completely free, everyone else has to stump up 950 V-Bucks as usual.

We’ll be going into the Fortnite Season 8 map in detail later, so watch this space.

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