Fortnite Season 8 Guide: Visit A Giant Face In The Desert, The Jungle & The Snow

A walkthrough to Visit A Giant Face In The Desert, The Jungle And The Snow in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite Season 8 is here and with it a few fair interesting challenges to open out Week 1. One of these challenges tries to blend the old map with the new changes to keep the population a little more spread out (probably to avoid having 100 people in the new jungle area of the map). This challenge asks you to visit a ‘giant face’ in three different biomes: the new jungle area, the snow area and the desert area. You can visit all three in a single match if you desire, but with the X-4s removed and how active the game is currently, that would be one impressive trek to make.

Each giant face is ‘arranged’ on the side of a mountain, so you can’t see them on the mini-map. I say arranged because they’re not carved into the mountain, they’re boulders somehow adhered to the side of the mountain without regard for gravity. Below is a map of all the giant face locations to help you Visit A Giant Face In The Desert, The Jungle And The Snow.


Fortnite Giant Face Locations Map

Fortnite Season 8 Giant Face locations

All the giant faces are in the newer locations and they’re all towards the edges of their respective zones and the map’s limits. So if you’re not near the sea, you’re not close.


Fortnite Desert Area Giant Face Location

Fortnite giant face location

You’ll find this face on the southeastern corner of the desert. The face itself is arranged on the northern face of the mesa near the top. You’ll know this is the right mesa because it’ll have a bunch of upturned cars forming a crown shape at the top. It basically looks like a moustachioed man with a crown. You can find it at H10 on the main map’s grid.


Fortnite Jungle Area Face Location

Fortnite Giant Face location

This face is in the new jungle biome that replaced Wailing Woods and all the named locations in the northeastern area of the map. This face is situated on one of the mountains that form a valley in the region. Directly east of Sunny Steps the face will be arranged on the southwestern wall of the small hill. This one just looks like an angry man with beady eyes. Located on the border of I3 and J3 on the main map’s grid.


Fortnite Snow Area Giant Face Location

Fortnite Giant Face location

This face can be found on the southern edge of the map as well, but closer to the map’s central river. To the west of the central river is a small mountain that has its face arranged on the eastern side, looking towards the river. This face looks like and upset bear with a huge underbite. It’ll be at E10 on the main map’s grid.

A fairly simple challenge that will have you exploring older parts of the map and uncovering things may have never noticed before, while simultaneously introducing you to the newer area. We’re currently covering the other challenges as well the Season 8 changes in general, so be sure to come back and check them out.

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