Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Tips For The Lazy Links Golf Challenge & Tee Locations

Fortnite Golf

We’re at the midway point of season 5 now with week five. This week carries on the new challenge type introduced in week 3 (though one could argue it was really introduced in season 4 with the FIFA World Cup):the ‘toy challenges’. These challenges require you to unlock a specific toy that is placed on your emote wheel. Week three required the Basketball to score three pointers round the map’s basketball courts. This week requires you have the Golf Ball unlocked to score on five different holes on the Lazy Links golf course.

The difference between this challenge and the basketball court challenge lies in the act of actually getting it in the hole, rather than finding the golf holes. The Lazy Links golf course is a nine hole golf course (as opposed to the standard 18) and you only need to score on five different holes, giving you a choice of holes to tackle (which is more helpful than you think). For the golf novice, below is a screenshot of what a tee is:


Fortnite Golf Tee

Fortnite golf tee

Basically you must take your shot from somewhere on this patch of light grass. The respective hole you’re aiming for is in the direction where the two large yellow markers are closest too. Put differently, you want to stand between the two yellow markers look directly out at and aim for the red flag you see in the distance. Below, I’ve included an image of the Lazy Links golf course and where each hole’s tee is located.


Lazy Links Golf Course Holes

Fortnite golf

Now the real trick is getting the ball into the hole. There is no real shortcut to this, it requires a lot of trial and error and micro-adjustments. Needless to say a lot of people aren’t just going to let you sit there with your protractor out trying to measure the most optimal way of getting that elusive score. Early on into the week, don’t be surprised if you find people patrolling the area for easy kills, so prepare for set-backs and a bit of frustration.

You can attempt to do it in a group while you have people protect you, but that could end up costing you more time as you all take a turn trying to land it. The best method for avoiding trouble is to wait for a game in which the Battle Bus passes nowhere near Lazy Links and glide over, which will reduce the amount of resistance you’ll face significantly.

The rest comes down to hole choice and aim. Personally, I recommend holes five, six, seven, eight and nine as I find the terrain to be a little bit more forgiving (less slopes leading off to the left or right of the hole). As for aiming the ball, the general rule is the apex of the ball’s arc will line up with your crosshair, so use your crosshair as a guide. Additionally, you’ll have to compensate for how the ball bounces when it hits the ground, so aiming directly at the flag typically won’t work. I’ve included some screenshots of me scoring on holes five through nine so you know the general area you need to aim.


Hole Five

Fortnite Hole five


Hole Six

Fortnite hole six


Hole Seven

Fortnite hole seven


Hole Eight

Fortnite hole eight


Hole Nine

Fortnite hole 9

After you’ve landed your fifth putt (and died a countless number of times, no doubt) you’re done with this challenge. Personally, I found this to be one of the more entertaining challenges, a welcome break from the constant searching around the map. Speaking of searching around the map, if you’re looking for help with the weekly treasure hunt, we have you covered. If you’re looking for an overview of this week’s challenges and a short synopsis on how to deal with them, you can check this out here.

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