Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Follow The Snobby Shores Treasure Map – Battle Star Location

Fortnite Snobby Shores map

With a new week comes a new Battle Pass treasure challenge. Following on from week four, week five’s treasure hunt is of the ‘map’ variety. This challenge requires you to find a map squirrelled away in a specific location, decipher the location the map displays (usually a crudely drawn rendition of a location, sometimes with a little information omitted or manipulated) and ‘dig’ up that treasure for your Battle Pass tier. This week’s map is located in, you guessed it, Snobby Shores.

Remember, like every ‘find the treasure’ based challenge (that isn’t a ‘Road Trip’ one), you can skip straight to the location of the treasure if you already know where it is, bypassing the map step entirely. If you’re not interested in how the treasure is found – or you’re in a hurry – just skip to the final section of the guide. It will have a picture of the treasure location marked on the map as well as a picture of the treasure itself. For those interested in the whole process (or only want a partial answer revealed to them), read on.


Follow The Snobby Shores Treasure Map | Snobby Shores Treasure Map Location

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map

A treasure map hides in the backyard of the house with a basketball court (second from the north). Just south of the basketball court is a small shed. On the back wall of the shed resides the map (next to a pile of metal junk). This appears as A5 on the main map’s grid.

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map

This week’s map return to the more traditional bird’s eye view. This map is rotated so that north is to the left (90 degrees to the left), which means the map’s view is eastward. Not much in the way of dirty tricks of manipulated information here, this map simply illustrates Haunted Hills. Trying to drive traffic back into this region of the map, ey Epic? Head over to B2 on the main map’s grid.


Follow The Snobby Shores Treasure Map | Haunted Hills Treasure

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map

The main landmark of Haunted Hills is the church on the eastern edge of the region. There will be a smaller building to the north of the church, the treasure rests on the roof of this building.

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map

Just climb up here and grab it to complete the challenge. A fairly straightforward treasure hunt this week when all is said and done.

This week, Jimmy put together a short video guide on how to find the treasure, you can check that out here. This challenge and the golf challenge are the two challenges that benefit from a guide this week. If you’re looking for a guide on how best to approach that challenge, you check out our guide here. The rest of the challenges are of the typical variety that we’ve seen previously, with a few changes in the way they’re accused and organised. If you’re looking for a quick, but complete overview of the week five challenges, check out that guide here.

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