Fortnite Season 11: Start Time, Battle Pass, Map & What You Need To Know (UPDATED)

All you need to know.

With Season X being such a polarising time for many in the community, players will be eagerly looking forward to when Fortnite Season 11 starts to see if it can right some of the wrongs.

Thanks to overpowered mechs, imbalanced new items,  poorly thought out skill-based matchmaking, bizarre changes to building and much, much more, Season X is considered to be the worst in the history of Fortnite.

It’s been quite the surprise to see Season X become such a point of contention as the early signs were all very promising. A return of Dusty Depot set the community into a frenzy, and many more old POIs have returned since then, though with somewhat irritating caveats. Retail now has zombies, Greasy Grove is a party zone, and Paradise turns you into props for some strange reason.

With there not being left until Season 11 kicks off, here’s everything you need to know, including start time and what we should expect. With Season X being such a controversial one and Fortnite fading out of the spotlight slightly, you’d think it will be a very important one for Epic Games.


Fortnite Season 11 Start Time

Fortnite v10.40

Fortnite Season X was due to have already finished by now, but Epic announced that it will instead conclude on October 13th, which is a Sunday, at 7PM BST/2PM ET/11AM PT.

This is unusual for two reasons. One, it’s a Sunday. Every Fortnite update to date has been during the week. Secondly, the event is scheduled to take place just before the new season begins, meaning that we will effectively be going straight into the new season.

Until Season 11 begins, players will be able to take part in Overtime challenges.

There will, of course, be significant downtime once the event ends, however.

UPDATE: erm, what the hell is going on.


Fortnite Season X: The Story So Far

Fortnite Season X Loot Lake Rift

Fortnite Season X has been a bit of an odd one story-wise, it not really hinting towards a big event as heavily as past seasons.

Following on from the events of Season 9, in which the Cattus vs. Doggus fight left a Nexus Orb floating in Loot Lake, said orb has been creating Rift Zones all across the map, which function to bring back old POIs with new twists.

This also took the timeline of the Fortnite island back to the end of Season 3 with a giant meteor just inches away from Dusty Depot.

Fortnite giant meteor 1

In the time since, Kevin the Cube has made a return along with his floating island, further adding to the fact that time is all out of sync on the island.

In the past few weeks, a rocket has been under construction at Dusty Depot with many believing it to be the work of The Visitor. The countdown seems to be ticking down to when he may try to make a second escape — or maybe something even worse.

UPDATE: new Visitor recordings can be found on the map, detailing some of the lore behind his, erm, visits and likely building towards the big event.


Fortnite Season 11 Theme


With Season X being all about nostalgia, whatever Season 11 tries to pull has got to be something completely new. There’s nothing left for them to use as inspiration, and all possible storyline continuations have been exhausted. Please, no more zombies.

For that reason, we think Season 11 will mark a pretty comprehensive for Fortnite in general with there possibly even being a new map (more on that later).

Epic usually start releasing social media teasers four days before a new season begins, so watch this space from the 9th to see what Fortnite Season 11 might be all about. The trailer for Season X leaked early, so you never know.


Fortnite Season 11 Changes

Fortnite New Map

One of the most pervasive theories about the changes coming to Fortnite Season 11 is that there will be a new map.

At this point, the Fortnite island has been pulled to and fro over the past couple of years, so much so that it’s really quite messy without much of an identity. There are so many different scars from previous seasons and event that it could really do with a refresh.

A Loading Screen started the gossip about a new map, along with the names of some all-new POIs being found in the game’s files.

Beachy Bluffs
Camp Cod
Dirty Docks
Frenzy Farm
Holly Hedges
Lazy Lake
Mountain Meadows
Power Plant
Slurpy Swamp
Sunny Shores
Weeping Woods

It’s too early to tell what this means so far, but if we were betting birds, we’d wager that Epic might be looking for a fresh start.

Don’t forget that bots will be introduced to help new players.

UPDATE: it looks like that talk of a new map is real, according to a leak from the App Store.

Fortnite Season 11 map

Boats? Boats.


Fortnite Season 11 Battle Pass


Fortnite Season X’s Battle Pass was the best we’d had in a few seasons, offering plenty of bang for your buck and a tonne of genuinely great skins to boot.

For Season 11, Epic would be insane to not bring the Battle Pass back, though we’re hoping the “Missions” and deluge of challenges aren’t quite as pronounced. Way too much busywork to maintain player retention.

As always, you should expect 7-8 skins with unlockable styles for most of them, along with a Tier 100 skin that you will work towards.

You should expect the Battle Pass to cost 950 V-Bucks as always. You can afford the next season’s Battle Pass if you save up all the V-Bucks earned from the previous.

We’ll know more about the Battle Pass for Season 11 the closer we get.


Are We Looking Forward to Fortnite Season 11?

It’s quite hard to maintain the same level of excitement for any multiplayer game over the course of two years, let alone one that’s just come off the back of its worst season to date.

The game needs new blood, which the introduction of bots should help, and a fresh start could really give it the boost it needs. Fortnite’s still one of the biggest and most popular games in the world, but it is slowly dwindling. No game can remain on top forever, though Season X seems to have accelerated the exodus — things became so bad at one point that the Minecraft renaissance benefitted from it.

We’re cautiously optimistic about Fortnite Season 11 in general and whether Epic can deliver a season without some kind of controversy, though the allure of Fortnite in general isn’t quite what it once was. Life is too short to get teabagged by Creative warriors.

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