Fortnite Season X Overtime: Retail Row & Floating Island Visitor Recording Locations

Listen here, you.

With Fortnite Season X coming to a belated end on Sunday after Epic pushed the new season back by a week, they’ve given players some Overtime challenges to tide them over and provide some new styles for completing them. One asks you to find the Visitor recordings in Retail Row and a Floating Island.

The Visitor has returned along with six of his friends for Fortnite Season X, and it looks like they have big plans. The Visitor recordings in question look like floating yellow cassette tapes and give a monologue from The Visitor once interacted with.

Here’s what you need to find both Retail Row and Floating Island recordings in Fortnite Season X.


Fortnite Season X Visitor Recordings

Forntite Map Floating island

The Floating Island is circled and red and the Retail Row recording spot is circled in pink.

Be aware that the Floating Island is a roaming POI, meaning that it may not be in the same place as when we found it. It’s easy to see it, however, as it dominates the air and is visible from the map.


Floating Island Visitor Recording

As already mentioned, the Floating Island may not be in this exact spot at a later date, but the Visitor Recording will be.

The Visitor Recording can be found near a orange/yellow truck by the house. Simply walk up to and interact to hear it and complete part of this challenge.


Retail Row Visitor Recording

Forntite Map Floating island 2

The Visitor Recording in Retail Row can be found by visiting the retail side of the location in the store to the right of the one boarded up. If you need further clarification, it’s the worst place to land in Retail as there’s nothing in it.

Find the Visitor Recording by venturing up the stairs and interacting with the cassette tape by the window, at which point an extra monologue should begin.

Completing this challenge should provide you with a extra, golden style for Y0nd3r.


Retail Row & Floating Island Visitor Recording Locations

The above describes the Retail Row & Floating Island Visitor Recording Locations without any fuss.

This challenge is the first of a few to unlock the secrets of The Visitor; more will become available along the same lines across the next few days.

Sunday will mark the season’s huge event, which many anticipate will take us to a brand new map.

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