Fortnite Battle Royale: 9 of the Best Landing Spots

Fortnite Battle Royale landing spots

Your success in any battle royale match is almost always determined by how well you start it. If you land in a nothing area with nothing but a pistol to your name, you’re hardly setting yourself up for glory. As arguably the most fast-paced game in the subgenre, it’s absolutely vital in Fortnite Battle Royale that you find one of the best landing spots and amass a small armoury before you can feel really confident for the closing stages of the match.

Its map may be smaller compared to its more realistic rival in PUBG, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in the density and variety of loot. However, not all landing spots are created equal – I, for one, think that Junk Junction and Haunted Hills should only be ventured to if you want to bore yourself to death. Luckily, there are many different options, especially since the map update, so no matter where you land you are sure to be near at least something worthwhile.

If you’re new to the game and are daunted by the alliterative names and all the murder, here are some of the best places where you can land in Fortnite Battle Royale. These spots are more suited to conservative players than aggressive ones, but if you fall into the latter camp, it doesn’t really matter because you could land pretty much anywhere and make people look stupid. Please leave me alone.

Please note: for the unnamed locations, I have taken it upon myself to give them catchy names. Sorry in advance.


1. Monstrous Motel

Fortnite Motel

Quadrant: D2

One of the map update additions, Monstrous Motel is a relatively low-key venture right next door to Anarchy Acres. Apart from the sign, it’s a little bland looking but it can have a decent amount of loot in the two broken houses adjacent to it, the truck near the pool, and even in the rooms themselves. Its design means that it’s a little harder to pinpoint enemy movements, though.


2. Anarchy Acres – Farmhouse

Quadrant: F2

Quite possibly my favourite landing spot, the farmhouse in Anarchy Acres is almost always busy because it features the possibility of two chests. Personally, I always land above the bathroom and either break down into it or go into the attic dependent on whether I not I hear that warming hum of a chest. Once you’ve won or claimed all the loot in the house, you can climb on the roof to assess the rest of the area. As a small bonus, if you go out the back of the house and find a small ridge, there may be another chest tucked away behind some wood panelling.


3. Tilted Towers – Low House

Quadrant: D6

If you have a death wish and absolutely must land in Tilted Towers, this house is one of your safer options. It’s not used all that often, which is odd considering what a prime spot for loot it is. You can find chests on a couple of its floors, but most usefully of all, you can break your way down to its underground garage and have a high chance of finding another chest there. Your next port of call should be the garage, which you can see out of one of the house’s rear windows — you may also find up to two hidden chests there with some digging. Once you’ve done that, get the shit out of Tilted Towers.


4. Hell Hill

Hell Hill fortnite

Quadrant: F9

Overlooking Fatal Fields, the unofficially named Hell Hill almost always guarantees combat, but its status as an excellent vantage point means that it shouldn’t be overlooked. There are a few chest possibilities here: one of the basketball court, one in the house, and another on the bridge to nowhere. Once you’ve won the spot, you can farm plenty of materials from the cars before making your way down to the next location.


5. Car Crevice

Car Crevice

Quadrant: D8

It’s a little difficult to land here quickly because of the surrounding hills, but Car Crevice is a low-drama spot with a couple of neat chest possibilities. You can typically find a chest within the house with the car on its roof and one on the hangman’s galley. From here, you can easily make your way up to Shifty Shafts or Greasy Grove. This area was one of my favourite rotations pre-update and the added content has just made it better.


6. Fancy Factories

Fancy Factories

Quadrant: G6

Prior to the map update, this was always one of the hottest spots but has really died off since — all the better for you. A stone’s throw away from Dusty and Retail, you should try to land on the highest factory as there is a high possibility of loot on the roof. You can then make your way down and mop up the loot in the surrounding buildings with little conflict. As an added bonus, it’s also a prime location to try out some traps. Stay alert, though: the always busy Retail Row is just next door.


7. Retail Row – Shops

Retail Row shops

Quadrant: H6

Quite possibly the perfect place to hone your craft without being overwhelmed, Retail Row is almost always a busy area so you will need to be aware for the entirety of your time there. However, as most players tend to gravitate towards the houses, you should try to land at the shops instead. There are plenty of loot possibilities here including a chest on the water tower, so once you’re well-equipped, make your way down to the houses and mop up the survivors. If you’re not feeling brave, make your way to Fancy Factories instead.


8. Tomato Town – Bridge

Tomato Town bridge

Quadrant: H4

Tomato Town is my home: I’ve dropped here the most out of anywhere else on the map. It’s seemingly seeing a surge in popularity after being overlooked for so long, which is no surprise when you consider how many possibilities it offers. Most players are obsessed with the house or the tunnel, but I tend to drop on the bridge. You can typically find a couple of weapons near either opening but it also has a good chance of a “hidden” chest underneath the bridge itself. It’s also probably the best spot to farm stone — the stuff is everywhere. Once you’ve sufficiently stocked up, make your way towards gunfire and try your best not to embarrass us all.


9. Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores

Quadrant: A5

People don’t really seem all that keen on Snobby Shores, which is almost always the case for spots on the coastline. They should start going there more often, however: it’s positively Loot City. You will typically find one or two chests in all of the houses, but also lots of good stuff in their underground bunkers. Admittedly, it can be a bit of a faff to get to a faraway circle because it’s in a hilly area, but when you consider its low-conflict, high-loot nature, that might be a trade-off worth taking.

Those are just a few of my recommendations for landing spots in Fortnite Battle Royale. Where else would you recommend? If you’re new to the game, be sure to check out my beginner’s tips. If you pay no heed to a scrub like me, read up on the best Fortnite streamers and YouTubers instead.

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