Dying Light 2: Where To Find Pyramid Head’s Sword

Pyramid Blade
Pyramid Blade

Looks like something inspired by a video game.

The Pyramid Blade in Dying Light 2 is a two-handed artifact sword that is inspired by Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head.

You can find the Pyramid Blade by going to the trader in the Fish Eye in New Dawn Park and buying it for 4000+ Old World Money after beating the main story.

The Pyramid Blade is not as strong as you’d expect, as it takes a couple of hits to kill even Biters while playing on normal difficulty. However, what makes it so much fun to use is that you can almost infinitely spam power attacks with it as they don’t consume any stamina. You can basically keep sending enemies into the sky over and over again.

Pyramid Blade
Pyramid Blade

Most enemies can be dispatched of with an upwards swing power attack, and if not then you can stomp on them as the Pyramid Blade typically cuts off one limb per swing. It’s actually most powerful again human enemies, though it’s more difficult to him them with power attacks.

Unfortunately, you cannot attach any mods to the Pyramid Blade to change its effects, which also means that you cannot repair it.

This isn’t the only survival horror nod in Dying Light 2. A fairly obvious nod to Resident Evil can be found in the Broadcast story quest, while that same mission also features a few dog tags inspired by the marines from Aliens.

Elsewhere in Dying Light 2, if you want the best weapon in the game, you have to hunt down an artifact katana, but don’t forget to get a different artifact weapon called The Hussar just by connecting accounts.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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