Dying Light 2: How To Repair Weapons

Repair Weapon
Repair Weapon

Dying Light 2 has a wide variety of ways to dispose of the infected, with melee weapons making up the brunt of the tools at your disposal. However, weapons break over time and with repeated use — is there any way to repair weapons?

Luckily, yes: you can repair weapons in Dying Light 2, though it’s not the most obvious method you’d think of. To repair weapons in Dying Light 2, you have to install mods.

Repairing your weapon basically becomes available the first time you unlock a craftmaster, which should be early on after getting to the Bazaar. The craftmaster will sell you mod blueprints, which, depending on the weapon, can add a new twist to the tip, grip, and shaft of most weapons. Attaching a mod will also repair your weapon by 50 durability, on average.

Once you’ve got a mod blueprint, go to your character menu > Inventory, then select a weapon and hit modify (Y on Xbox, triangle on PlayStation, C on keyboard). Select the mod you want to craft, then craft it and it will be attached. Most mods take 10x scrap and a variety of other craft parts, depending on the mod. Expect to be using a lot of resin, cleaning supplies, rags, and weights, to name just some.

Dying Light 2 repair weapons
Dying Light 2 repair weapons

Here’s what you need to attach the Flame tip mod, as an example:

– 10x Scraps
– 5x Resin
– 1x Alcohol

You cannot attach other mods once you have attached tip, shaft, and grip mods, and you cannot unattach mods either. The higher the rarity of the weapon, the higher the durability, with artifact weapons having the highest durability.

However, players can also attach the Reinforcement grip mod, the blueprint of which can be bought from the craftmaster way into the game, which will repair your weapon and also make it more durable.

Reinforcement mod Dying Light 2
Reinforcement mod Dying Light 2

Bear in mind that there are certain weapons, like the Hussar and the Pyramid Blade, that cannot be repaired as you cannot attach any mods to them.

What this unusual method of repairing your weapons does is ensure you use your weapons tactically and also make use of modding. You should be attaching mods only when your weapon’s durability is about halfway, with you also having to wait before attaching another to maximise how long you can use a weapon for before it breaks.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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