Dying Light 2: How To Increase Max Stamina

Dying Light 2 Increase Max stamina
Dying Light 2 Increase Max stamina

Max stamina in Dying Light 2 can be the difference between being able to jump to safety or whacking zombies to death. Without it, you may as well be dead yourself, so you’ll want to upgrade on what little stamina you have at the start of the game.

To increase your max stamina in Dying Light 2, you must collect inhibitors which are dotted around the map and found in containers. Your GRE Key will make a sound when you are near any of these containers, though we’re working on a guide for every single Inhibitor location. There are 126 inhibitors in total in the game.

Inhibitors are typically found within buildings, though can also be located over the course of the story, for defeating GRE Anomalies, and for investigating GRE Quarantine Buildings.

You need three inhibitors to increase your max health in Dying Light 2, and each containers typically contains two inhibitors.

Once you have the inhibitors required, go to your character menu > Skills then select and hold the lightning symbol at the bottom. Upgrade and enjoy your slight increase to stamina in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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