Dying Light 2: Where To Find the Artifact Katana

Enso Katana
Enso Katana

Her serenest smile – Merciful laceration – Blood on the leaves.

There aren’t many weapons better to use in Dying Light 2 than the katana, but they aren’t all that easy to come across with only a few merchants selling them. Luckily, you can get your hands on an artifact katana for absolutely free: the Enso Katana.

The Enso Katana is an artifact katana that deals huge damage while also regenerating health every time you block and also does increased damage to the infected. As an artifact weapon, the Enso Katana also has three mod slots: tip, shaft, and grip, the latter of which you should attach a Reinforcement grip to make it more durable over time.

Enso Katana
Enso Katana

Bear in mind that your own stats may be different depending on your current level.

In terms of where you can find it, the Enso Katana is located in the Newfound Land, an unofficial zone of sorts that is “off the map”, as it were. The area is mostly water and chemical waste, but it does offer lots of Military Air Drops and a few Inhibitors.

The Enso Katana is situated in a Sunken Airdrop almost directly south to the first safe zone you will find in Newfound Land.

Enso Katana Artifact Katana
Enso Katana Artifact Katana

You will need a few lockpicks to unlock the very hard lock. Be patient with the lock, pop it, and then get your artifact katana and get swiping.

As well as just generally looking cool, the Enso Katana is also one of the strongest weapons in the game, capable of decapitating enemies in a single swipe. Renegades are among the only human enemies in the game who will still take multiple swipes to kill, but the health regeneration means that you can feel almost invincible if you play it properly.

Don’t forget to repair your weapon by installing mods to it from your inventory screen.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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