5 BlueStacks Alternatives You Should Try Out


In a nutshell, BlueStacks is invaluable for those who want to play their favorite Android games on a PC or laptop. However, you may find yourself in need of BlueStacks alternatives . Established more than 15 years ago, BlueStacks quickly became the app of choice if you wanted to play an Android game quickly, easily, and above all else, safely. This Android emulator has both professional and personal applications for not only PC users, but for Mac users, as well. It’s simple to download and relatively easy to use. It’s widely considered to be one of the most popular and reliable Android emulators on the market.

But is that all there is? What if you don’t want to use BlueStacks for one reason or another? As you might imagine, BlueStacks is far from the only game in town on this subject. There are a host of different Android emulator alternatives out there. We’re going to go through the very best ones, ensuring there’s something viable out there for everyone.


The Best Bluestacks Alternatives

5. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player
Remix OS Player

Price: Free

Our first alternative to BlueStacks is Remix OS Player, which can be run as an operating system on your device. Once the emulator has been installed, you’ll be able to run things as though you’ve got an actual Android machine running. The stability of this download is formidable, creating a comprehensive recreation of the desktop experience you’re looking for. The focus here is definitely on making it as easy as possible to play games like King of Avalon: Dominion or 3D FPS favorites such as Crossfire: Legends. You’ll also want to note Remix OS is inherently rooted, which means you won’t have to worry about limitations on what you can and can’t do.

It’s also nice to note that Remix OS Player is completely free to use, with native Google support thrown in. Unfortunately, Remix OS Player doesn’t work with Mac devices, so you’ll need to look elsewhere if that’s specifically what you have in mind.

In fact, while Remix OS Player might be one of the best alternatives out there, it was also discontinued in 2017. This means that while you will get all of the benefits we mentioned above, you shouldn’t expect any further updates or improvements anytime soon.


4. LD Player

LD Player
LD Player

Price: $2.99/month or $29.99/year

If you’re looking for an Android emulator with more features, as well as the assurance of regular updates, LD Player is well worth a serious look. The in-game app store alone is an attractive feature, and we also love the presence of not only complete controller support, but the use of multi-instances, as well. This is one of the best emulators for beginners, with features and ease-of-use built around any level of experience. In other words, there’s also enough customization and versatility with LD Player to benefit just about anyone.

With support for both AMD chipsets and Intel chipsets, LD Player certainly aspires to cover all of the bases for a reliable Android emulator. The app store alone can keep you occupied for quite some time, but you’ll find a smooth playing session regardless of the specific Android titles you’ve fired up. It’s going to feel as though you really are playing on a native device. Much of LD Player is free to use, as well, with subscriptions available for those who want to utilize the more advanced features.

Really, beyond occasional freezing issues from running several instances simultaneously, and the ever-frustrating presence of bloatware and unwanted advertisements, LD Player is a fantastic experience.


3. Genymotion


Price: Free for personal users/$206 for Freelancers/$412 for Businesses

Despite some of the highest paid subscription prices you’re going to find among alternatives you’re going to find anywhere, Genymotion is a crowd pleaser. Free to use for individuals who aren’t freelancers (you will need to sign up though), the advanced features you’re missing out on are only going to make sense to professional developers anyway. What we have here free of charge is fantastic. Making this even better is the fact that Genymotion is available for Mac, PC, and even Linux. With either version you won’t have to worry about intrusive ads.

Genymotion is backed by good reviews, which seems to emphasize Genymotion’s mission to have something for virtually everyone. From gamers who want to enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile or AFK Arena, to developers who want to use the emulators vast array of tools and options, this is an emulator that covers a lot of bases for a lot of people.

Beyond the fact that Genymotion doesn’t need too much RAM to run smoothly, the emulator makes it easy to play games or simply see how an Android game is running on a different device. Just keep in mind that you’re going to need a very good internet connection to keep everything chugging along.


2. MEmu Play


Price: $2.99 per month/$29.98 per year

MEmu Play promises to work with any Android game you could ever want to play. As long as you don’t mind dealing with occasionally exhausting adware, this emulator seems to live up to its claims. Offering the benefit of working with both Intel chipsets and AMD chipsets (like LD Player), MEmu Play is one of the most powerful options we’ve covered. This is one of the smoothest Android emulation experiences you’re ever going to have. Equally lightweight as a download, promising an experience that won’t drain your system, you’ll find yourself running any Android game you please with blazing speed.

Furthermore, everything about MEmu Play has been designed to be as simple as possible. From downloading to installing and playing, it’s not going to take very long to get started. You can run multiple instances with relative ease, and MEmu furthers their immersive experience with their own dedicated game app shop. If you’re happy with MeMu Play, you probably won’t need anything else to play your favorite Android games on PC.

While MEmu may underperform a little for older PCs, and while this is another option exclusive to PCs, it’s an essential stop for those interested in playing Android games without an Android device.


1. NoxPlayer


Price: $3.69 per month/$9.99 per quarter/$31.99 per year

NoxPlayer is the best option for Android emulation for both PC and Mac users. There are several reasons as to why this is the case. Another relatively lightweight option that means you can play Android favorites like Genshin Impact or Downwell without slowing down your Mac device or PC, NoxPlayer has some fun features that set it apart from the crowd. You’ll need a pretty powerful PC or Mac to unlock the full potential of this emulator, but barring a very old or slow device, you should be just fine with whatever you currently use.

NoxPlayer has one of the easiest setups we’ve ever encountered. The fact that you can play Android games in minutes without any prior emulation experience is just one of the reasons why this is our favorite among BlueStacks alternatives. While we’re hoping for Apple Pay and Google Pay support someday soon, the inclusion of shortcut keys, a range of useful search tools, and screen recording/screengrab capabilities all soften the blow of any potential disappointments.

Rooted by default and wholly optimized for the Android gamer, NoxPlayer even offers real phone emulation. It’s a complete package for any level of gamer, with some genuinely appealing bells and whistles thrown in.

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