Blue Lock: Season 2 – Everything You Should Know

The battle of egos will continue

Blue Lock
Blue Lock

The last time a sports anime won the hearts of otakus was back in 2014 when Haikyuu!! released. Many shows have tried to resonate at that same level with fans, but all have seemingly left them underwhelmed, until well, Blue Lock. It not only over-delivered on every promise but may have just set a new standard for other sports anime to be judged by.

From mind-blowing animation to cheering up fans in real life during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the thrilling first season has finally come to a close. As for Blue Lock: Season 2, the show was renewed right after its final episode ended broadcast, which isn’t a surprise seeing how popularity has soared for the series, and that it’s now being regarded as one of the greatest anime ever made. Our wish was granted way sooner than anticipated, so here’s everything that was revealed about the sequel.


When Is Blue Lock: Season 2 Coming Out?

At the moment there’s no release date for Blue Lock: Season 2 because the studio didn’t make any announcement regarding when it will air. However, it’s very likely that the anime will return as early as 2024 since it’s already in development.

If we’re strictly talking facts and figures, the series was among the most-watched anime of 2022, so much so in fact that the manga’s sales went up by millions. Most anime have sequels greenlit for less, especially isekai ones, so getting Blue Lock: Season 2 in comparison isn’t all that unexpected.


What Is Blue Lock: Season 2 About? (Spoiler Alert)

After an adrenaline-packed 24 episodes inside Blue Lock’s unforgiving walls, Isagi, and everyone else who made it through to the Third Selection will have to prove their worth once again.

The Third Selection Arc will be the starting beat of Blue Lock: Season 2, and as described above, the main plotline here is thinning of the herd. Jinpachi wants to form the Blue Lock Eleven, a group of eleven elite players forged in the facility that will compete against Japan’s national under-20 football team, so to get things going, the remaining 35 players are pitted against each other in ultimate battles of ego.


Which Studio Is Making Blue Lock: Season 2?

Demon Slayer is often credited for being the best when it comes to animation, although Blue Lock’s stunning art design proves otherwise. The details in the anime were absolutely insane, but what else would you expect from the studio behind That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime? Studio Eight Bit are meticulous, to say the least, as depending upon the tone and scene being adapted from the manga, the animation style is different, which is a really rare find.

Due to this critical acclaim, Studio Eight Bit will be animating Blue Lock: Season 2 once again. With the terrific animation that was featured in the first season, odds favored the studio reprising its role, and that’s exactly what happened.


Where Will Blue Lock: Season 2 Be Aired?

Blue Lock: Season 2 will air on Netflix and Crunchyroll upon release. The entire first season aired as a weekly episodic series, and both Netflix and Crunchyroll were streaming it globally during that time. Disney+ also has the anime available to watch, but the service is infamous for not being accessible in many regions.

Despite Blue Lock: Season 2 being confirmed, excitement may not be as high since it’s still far out, but the manga on the other hand is over a hundred chapters ahead of where the story is right now in the anime. That means there’s more than enough of Isagi’s devouring to go around until the next season arrives, so by all means, dig in.

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