10 Best Xbox One Horror Games You Should Play Right Now


6. State of Decay

Perhaps more of a strategy survival game than an out-and-out horror, State of Decay still offers plenty of tense moments, particularly when the deck is stacked against you. With bullets running low and only a big stick to fend off a group of the undead, how are you going to survive? The answer: you probably won’t. And it isn’t as simple as returning to a checkpoint because when your character dies in State of Decay – they are dead. Dead dead.

The permadeath nature of State of Decay means the ante is always up: getting attached to some characters may end in heartbreak. Combine that with some decent (if unspectacular) building and survival mechanics and you have pretty much the closest thing to The Walking Dead you will get in a video game. Its sequel looks like it may be even better.


7. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear

When I first played Layers of Fear, I wasn’t exactly won over. As full of great ideas as it was, some of the lazy jumpscares took a lot away from the smart, thoughtful game it was trying to be. Looking back on it now, however, it’s a must-play because of just how far its influence has been felt.

Boasting impressive transitions by the boatload and a quietly looming storyline, Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear is an easy recommendation for anyone wanting some scares, even if it clearly went to YouTube for some inspiration. Take a walk around a demented painter’s estate and try not to get sucked into its maddening, engaging world if you can.


8. Outlast 2

Outlast 2

You can swap the original Outlast for its sequel if you want: they’re both pretty great with Red Barrels’ first attempt arguably doing more to change the horror landscape than its hillbilly follow-up. That being said, Outlast 2 makes the cut here for just how impressively it manages to build on the game that came before it.

The cornfields of southern America are one of your only respites from the twisted religious fanatics and deformed beings that make up Outlast 2. Couple that with some claustrophobic and hauntingly beautiful sections in a school and you may never want to go out at night again without your camera.


9. Alien: Isolation

Image Source: GameZone

Once you’ve watched the xenomorph slink down from the ceiling in Alien: Isolation, it’s an image that is almost impossible to shake. Similarly to Resident Evil 7, the guys at Creative Assembly somehow managed to make phallus-headed aliens scary again, despite countless movies and dodgy video game tie-ins.

Taking place in a gigantic space station with only a semi-reliable tracker to keep you company, Isolation makes the threat of the xenomorph incredibly difficult to escape – once you think you’re safe in an air vent, it’s probably right behind you. It’s not only one of the best horror games you can find on Xbox One, but also one of the best video game adaptations you’re ever going to come across.


10. Dead Space series

Source: playertheory.com

Okay, so maybe this is cheating considering it’s three games and they’re all playable through backwards compatibility, but we have to do everything we can to get EA to consider a fourth game, right? Dead Space is a series that’s been in limbo since the relative disappointment of its third game, which absentmindedly wandered towards co-op and favoured action instead of the horror that laid the groundwork for many others to follow.

While the third game is by no means an awful sojourn into limb-shooting, the first two Dead Space games are pretty much essential. The original might be the safest bet if you want a slower pace from your horror games, but if it’s a successful blend of horror, action, and vomit-inducing eye surgery scenes you want, look no further than Visceral Games’ triumphant follow-up.