Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How To Predict Turnip Prices

Stonks on the stalk market.

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Animal Crossing new Horizons eyebrows 1

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game all about taking things slow, amassing a small fortune of Bells from clever selling and trading while also building up your island as you see fit. Or you could just play the stalk market very cleverly and sell turnips for a gigantic profit instead.

Every Sunday morning in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Daisy Mae will visit your island with turnips to sell. The prices for these vary from around 90 to 100 on average, so you’re advised to save up on a load of Bells and buy them in bulk. Buying a lot of turnips will give you potentially huge leaps on your investment, meaning that your profits will soar. So, for instance, if you buy 1000 turnips at 95 Bells each for 95,000 Bells in total and you end up selling them at 500 Bells, you will earn 500,000 Bells.

Bizarrely, you cannot put your turnips in storage in New Horizons, so your best bet is to drop them on the floor somewhere secure until the times comes to sell them. We use our bathroom to store turnips, for instance.

So, how can you predict stalk market prices for turnips in advance? Thanks to a nifty tool by the name of Turnip Prophet, you can give yourself a good idea of turnip prices from Nook’s Cranny for the week ahead.

Turnip Prophet

Developed by Mike Bryant with the code extraction coming from Ninji, Turnip Prophet utilises the various algorithms within New Horizons that govern turnip prices throughout the week.

To utilise the tool, put in your buying price from Daisy Mae to begin with; tick the box if this is your first time ever buying turnips. You will then notice a variety of different patterns, ranging from “high, decreasing, high, decreasing, high“, “consistently decreasing“, and many more at the bottom of the page. The more you fill in, the more precise this table becomes.

Turnip Prophet 1

Let’s use what we were getting with our own turnip prices as an example. On Sunday, we bought turnips for 95 Bells. On Monday morning, they were going for 85 Bells and then 79 Bells in the afternoon. On Tuesday morning, the turnips were worth 96 Bells and then 177 in the evening. After putting all of this information in to the predictor, we learned that we were due at least a 2x profit the next day, which would also be the peak of the week.

turnip prophet 2

Confident in the knowledge that we would be at peak prices for the week and would be earning between 190 and 570 Bells for our turnips, we went to Nook’s Cranny on Wednesday morning and discovered a huge buying price.

New Horizons turnip prices
New Horizons turnip prices

At 493 Bells apiece, we made a huge profit on our turnips for the week, earning 714,850 Bells in the process. This was down to the tool helping us to sell at exactly the right time. We may have sold at 177 Bells without knowing that it would go even higher otherwise.

It’s worth remembering, however, that turnip prices always come down to luck — we will probably not have quite as good prices next week. Instead, we will have to look around for islands to visit with high turnip prices. Remember not to time travel while owning turnips as this will cause them to rot; you will just have to play the old-fashioned way.

If you are struggling to find somewhere to sell turnips, be sure to use places like Twitter and community-supported websites with postings for all the info, all while using common sense. The Turnip Exchange lets you visit other players’ islands, though it can be quite stressful and the seller may demand quite a lot in return.

If you want to be charitable and allow players to come to your island when you have high turnip prices, we recommend letting them in via Dodo Code one-by-one or your game may crash. Some players may even leave you tips for allowing them to sell their turnips.

New Horizons Aluminum Briefcase 1

As for what you can buy with all this money, Bells are vital for ordering new furniture and items for your island to get it towards that illustrious five-star rating. If you want to move your buildings around and add some bridges and inclines, expect to spend hundreds of thousands of Bells as well.

This tool is absolutely worthwhile if you want a good idea of what your turnip prices for the week will be. However, it’s not totally perfect and may have some slight inaccuracies. Adding to that, Nintendo could always update the code for the game down the line, rendering it outdated. For now, though, play the stalk market smartly and you may be looking at some gigantic profits.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. From our review:

“New Horizons is a great continuation of an already fantastic series of games, and paying back Tom Nook’s loan has never been so fun.”

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