Alice in Borderland: Season 3 – Everything You Should Know

The game might not be over yet.

Alice in Borderland
Alice in Borderland

Whether you’re binging Alice in Borderland or Squid Game, there’s one thing you can’t deny: watching people compete in enthralling games of life and death gets blood rushing through your veins. Netflix knows that pretty well, which is why development on Squid Game: Season 2 is already underway. On the other hand, the fate of Alice in Borderland: Season 3 hasn’t been decided yet despite the show being a global hit.

The series is actually an adaptation of a manga written by Haro Aso, and it’s a quite faithful one at that. The second season covered the entire remaining chapters of the manga and also ended the story in a similar manner, so as far as Alice in Borderland: Season 3 is concerned, it may not happen as there isn’t any source material left. However, it won’t be surprising if the show continues with an original script. In any case, here’s all you need to know about the show’s anticipated return.


When Is Alice in Borderland: Season 3 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, Alice in Borderland: Season 3 does not have a release date because it hasn’t been announced by Netflix. The show may have adapted the entirety of Haro Aso’s manga of the same name, but a possibility of a third season remains bright due to there being a spin-off manga and even a small 13-chapter sequel — besides, Netflix can go the original story route at any time.

If there was more of the original manga left, the series would definitely have been renewed already, but since that’s not the case, the matter has become tricky. There is a sequel about Arisu returning to the Borderlands after he has a near-death experience. It’s very short and wouldn’t amount to a full season, but it could easily be turned into a Netflix feature film.

Alternatively, Alice in Borderland: Season 3 could adapt the “Alice on Border Road” spin-off, which is about a different set of characters trying to survive the game. It’s long enough to span a complete season, and that makes it worth considering. Netflix may even ask Haro Aso to draft out an original story to continue the show which could be set many years later following a new cast of characters. Whichever route the series takes on from here, it’ll be best not to look forward to a new season until at least 2025.


Who Is In The Cast of Alice in Borderland: Season 3?

The cast of Alice in Borderland: Season 3 is an interesting topic to discuss as well since there may either be an entirely new cast, or the original cast may reprise their roles depending on where the plot heads next.

Netflix never announced whether Alice in Borderland: Season 3 is in the works, so as far as the cast goes, we can’t be sure, but if Haro Aso’s sequel manga is used as a source to adapt the third season, then you can expect to see Kento Yamazaki back as Ryōhei Arisu, and Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi.

Nijirō Murakami and Ayaka Miyoshi should also return to portray Shuntarō Chishiya and Ann Rizuna respectively because they managed to make it out of the Borderlands alive too. If the spin-off is brought to life instead, then all you’ll see will be new faces, so try not to get shocked if that ensues.

Be that as it may, the future of the series is in an awkward position, and its direction could go anywhere at this point. We may get seasons beyond Alice in Borderland: Season 3, but at the same time, odds are equally high for the show to get shelved, so hope for the best and keep your fingers crossed.

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