Where Is The Rest of Attack On Titan On Netflix?

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan

As one of the most popular anime of all time, there’s no shortage of people who first encountered Attack On Titan on Netflix, particularly if they’d never experienced much anime before. AOT is such a good introduction to the medium and Netflix is such a popular subscription service that it’s the perfect match, but only Season 1 has ever landed on the platform. So, where is the rest of AOT on Netflix?

The answer is ultimately down to the deal that Netflix struck that meant they only signed up for the first season before Crunchyroll and other services swooped in. Crunchyroll is now the best place to watch most anime online, including all four seasons of Attack On Titan. If you want to watch any more Attack On Titan beyond the 25 episodes on Netflix, you will have to sign up for Crunchyroll or a similar service.

Fans can also check Attack On Titan out on Funimation, but seeing as how Funimation was acquired by Crunchyroll with all of the former’s content also moving to the latter, you only really need to sign up for one. Attack On Titan is also available on Hulu and Adult Swim for certain countries. You can also purchase individual episodes from Prime Video or purchase physical Blu-rays of all the seasons.

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Bear in mind that Attack On Titan Seasons 2 – 4 may come to Netflix at some point, but it seems unlikely as they haven’t been added in many, many years.


Is Crunchyroll Worth It?

Crunchyroll is the biggest anime streaming service on the web. Simulcasts of some of the biggest anime currently airing means that fans across the world can watch new episodes of their favorite shows around the same time as each other, as well as it having a gigantic library of content.

Crunchyroll costs £5.99/$7.99 a month, but you will also get access to a 7-day trial for signing up. If you just want to watch all of Attack On Titan and catch up, you can easily do so within that week as there are less than 100 episodes to get watch at this time of writing. Just make sure to cancel your membership before the subscription officially begins.

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