86: Season 3 – Everything You Should Know

It'll be a while before the Eighty-Six are back in their mechs.

86 Season 3
86 Season 3

Mecha anime don’t generally resonate well enough with fans. There are only a handful of shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Code Geass which have reached critical acclaim, and now, there’s another added to that list, Asato Asato’s 86, or Eighty-Six (or even 86 EIGHTY-SIX) as some would call it. The mecha-military anime debuted in 2021, dropped two amazing seasons, and has been dormant since. Those touched by the emotional depth of the series are still awaiting the announcement for 86: Season 3, but will it ever happen?

The official story is that the anime hasn’t been renewed for 86: Season 3, however, ratings remain quite high, so the prospect of a third season happening in the near future is viable. That said, here’s everything else you can expect from the next season.


When Is 86: Season 3 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, 86: Season 3 does not have a release date. The anime’s studio, A-1 Pictures, has not yet announced whether it’s working on a third season, so there’s nothing to look forward to as far as the air date goes.

Not that long has passed since we last saw the anime, and breaks of at least three years between seasons aren’t unusual unless you’re talking about My Hero Academia — it basically has a new season coming out every year. 86: Season 3 will eventually happen, the demand is great, the source material is enough for a dozen seasons, and there’s no reason not to continue the series because it’s a hit. It’ll be a while before we get the good news though, maybe in Spring 2024 or early 2025, but binging other great shows in the meantime is the way to go right now.


What Is 86: Season 3 About? (Spoiler Alert)

The 86 anime is based on a series of light novels written by Asato Asato, which at the moment spans over 12 issues. Till now the anime has adapted the first three novels, so 86: Season 3 will be continuing the story from the fourth novel.

The fourth novel is titled “Under Pressure”, and its events begin about six months after the ending of the last season where Morpho was defeated by Shinra and his crew. Things seem calm, but soon Shinra, Lena, and the rest of the 86 are tasked with a top-secret mission: the liberation of Charité, one of the nation’s secondary capitals. The team eventually sets off and so begins another chapter in everyone’s struggle for freedom.


Which Studio Is Making 86: Season 3?

86: Season 3 will likely be made by A-1 Pictures, the studio responsible for animating the first two seasons. A-1 Pictures is a comparatively large studio, it’s always working on plenty of projects at a time, albeit they never compromise on quality which the crisp and stunning visuals of 86 more than easily prove.

Other great works by A-1 Pictures include Mashle, Sword Art Online, and even the upcoming Solo Leveling anime adaptation which they’re currently busy with. Hopefully, they’ll be able to squeeze in 86: Season 3 because fans wouldn’t want any other studio coming in and changing up the art style.


Where Will 86: Season 3 Be Aired?

You can catch all seasons of the anime currently streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll. 86: Season 3 should also be streaming on these services when it officially releases, although, on Netflix, the next season might be available after it finishes airing as the platform prefers dropping all episodes on the same day. If that happens, then Crunchyroll should be where you head.

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