Neon Genesis Evangelion Watch Order Guide: Episodes, Movies & More

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Almost every anime fan in the entire world has heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but not everyone has even tried to watch the anime. It’s one of the world’s most popular and controversial mecha series. With several streaming sites hosting this series, many people have been wondering what the proper Evangelion watch order should be.

Not only is this a controversial anime due to its psychological and religious themes, but the anime itself can also be hard to follow for new viewers. How the episodes and movies were released wasn’t done in chronological order, and that caused a lot of confusion to people following the anime.

So, for new fans, is Neon Genesis Evangelion best watched in its release order or its chronological order? The easiest way to watch the anime is actually according to its release order. Trying to watch this mecha series based on its chronological order might even cause more confusion to viewers.


Recommended Neon Genesis Evangelion Watch Order

If you’re interested in following the turbulent journey of Shinji and the other EVA pilots, here’s a simple watch order guide you can follow:

– Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 1-26 (watch the Director’s Cut version for 21-24)
– The End of Evangelion (1997)
– Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone (2007)
– Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance (2009)
– Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo (2012)
– Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time (2021)

While most believe the chronological order would be easier to follow, it actually makes things complicated. It becomes tiresome to follow since the movies are somewhat of an alternate retelling of the same story and its own story at the same time.


Should I Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth?

The two-part film Death & Rebirth is entirely skippable. However, if fans wish to give the movie a shot, then it’s best viewed directly after watching the main anime series. The first part of the movie serves as a recap of the entire Evangelion series. Meanwhile, the second half shows viewers a glimpse of Shinji’s mental state and a bit about what the film, End of Evangelion, will look like.

There isn’t anything that greatly changes the story of the Evangelion series in the Death & Rebirth movie. So, if you feel like jumping right ahead to the next film, you aren’t missing much if you decide to skip Death & Rebirth. However, if you feel like completing the entire franchise, there isn’t much harm if you want to watch the two-part film.


Where To Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion

Luckily, watching anime in recent times has become more accessible. The anime series is available on both Crunchyroll and Netflix. However, it is recommended that fans should watch the one released on Netflix as the streaming service has the Director’s Cut episodes. These episodes have a few additional scenes and information that were cut from the original anime.

The End of Evangelion is also available on Netflix, making the first part of a fan’s binge-watching spree easier. However, the four remaining movies are on a different steaming giant, as you can watch the last four movies on Amazon Prime Video.

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