Solo Leveling: Season 1 – Release Window, Story & What You Should Know (UPDATED)

Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling

After a four-year-long run, fans were in distress that it might be the last time they would be seeing their favorite fantasy manhwa, luckily, at the Crunchyroll Anime Expo in 2022, it was confirmed that Solo Leveling: Season 1 is under production. The teaser visual didn’t feature much except for some colored stills, but that’s understandable because the anime’s air date isn’t that far away.

We haven’t had any news on the anime since the expo, and aside from a few things, most of the information is under wraps. Even so, here’s everything about Solo Leveling: Season 1 that you need to know, including its release window, where you can watch it, and what it’s all about.


When Is Solo Leveling: Season 1 Coming Out?

UPDATE: Despite Crunchyroll previously confirming that Solo Leveling: Season 1 will release in 2023, they’ve now announced that the anime will debut in Winter 2024.

In the announcement trailer for the anime, it was revealed that Solo Leveling: Season 1 will be released in 2023. While there’s no exact release date, the latest rumors have suggested that it may air in the upcoming spring 2023 line-up.

That’ll pair up Solo Leveling’s adaptation alongside other returning anime such as Demon Slayer: Season 3, and Dr. Stone: Season 3 if the rumors hold their ground. The number of episodes still remains unconfirmed as well, but it’s likely the first season will be a short one, so expect the usual weekly air period of about 3 months.


What Is Solo Leveling: Season 1 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Based on the manhwa written by Chugong and Illustrated by Jang “Dubu” Sang-rak, Solo Leveling: Season 1 will feature a world where monsters enter the Human dimension through Gates. To keep the balance in check, people possessing magical abilities, Hunters, are tasked with their eradication. The main focus of the story is Sung Jinwoo, a Hunter who’s known to be the world’s weakest.

Fate plays its hand, and Jinwoo finds himself trapped in a deadly dungeon, but is able to survive against all odds. Unexpectedly, a mysterious magical program known as “The System” chooses Jinwoo to be its user and hence grants him powers and abilities that are well beyond what even the best Hunters are capable of. With a shot at changing his destiny, Jinwoo sets out in search of answers about how reality really works.


Which Studio Is Making Solo Leveling: Season 1?

Along with the announcement of the anime adaption, it was also revealed that Solo Leveling: Season 1 will be helmed by A-1 Pictures.

The art style of the manhwa, among other things, is something that made it stand out a lot, so fans were naturally worried about which studio would land the production. You could argue that it might’ve been nicer if MAPPA, Ufotable, or Madhouse animated the series, but seeing how classy the visuals of Kaguya-sama, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Nier: Automata have been, A-1 Pictures’ vision should live up to the hype.


Where Will Solo Leveling: Season 1 Be Aired?

Solo Leveling: Season 1 is scheduled to air on Crunchyroll in 2023. As for other streaming services, there haven’t been any reports yet, but it’s likely that the anime will arrive on Netflix, and Disney+ at a later date.

As the release date for Solo Leveling: Season 1 draws nearer, new information keeps popping up. The manhwa has always received much praise from readers, so much so in fact that anime-only watchers too have become seeded with the idea that it’ll be an amazing series, hopefully, that turns out to be the case.

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