My Hero Academia: Season 7 – Everything You Should Know

The next season is already en route.


Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia has become a worldwide sensation and still continues to top the charts every week. The superhero anime has been around since 2016, and its sixth season has just wrapped up, but at the same time it has left fans aching for more Plus Ultra.

Well, folks, Christmas came early this year around since My Hero Academia: Season 7 was already confirmed to be in development at Studio Bones ahead of the sixth season’s finale. The battle between good and evil will continue, and here’s everything about MHA: Season 7 you should know.


When Is My Hero Academia: Season 7 Coming Out?

Confirmation for My Hero Academia: Season 7 came as a part of the 17th issue of the Shonen Jump weekly magazine, but unfortunately, a release date wasn’t accompanied with the announcement. While there isn’t a release date as of yet, the anime is basically coming out with a new season every year, so keep your eyes peeled for a 2024 airing.

A lot of the source material is still left to be adapted, and the manga hasn’t finished publishing either, so chances are high that we might even get a couple of seasons beyond My Hero Academia: Season 7, but more on that later.


What Is My Hero Academia: Season 7 About? (Spoiler Alert)

The Star and Stripe Arc will be kicking off My Hero Academia: Season 7, and that starts from Chapter 329 of the manga. This particular arc shows the threat from All For One, and Shigaraki rising, so All Might in response requests aid from the United States’ No. 1 Hero, Star and Stripe.

A bunch of things and awesome battles will happen during this interval, but it’s a relatively short storyline overall. Most of My Hero Academia: Season 7 will feature the U.A. Traitor Arc, and Final War Arc, both of which will be about the final stretch in the battle between the heroes, and All For One and his forces.


Which Studio Is Making My Hero Academia: Season 7?

Like with all previous seasons, Studio Bones will also be animating My Hero Academia: Season 7. The entire franchise has single-handedly been visualized by Bones, and that includes the three movies and multiple OVAs.

Every anime that has Studio Bones behind it is praised for its artwork, Bungou Stray Dogs, Mob Psycho 100, and Kekkai Sensen are just a few that come to mind. In My Hero Academia’s case, sometimes there are ups and downs with quality, but that’s understandable when you’re tasked with cranking out multiple cours of an anime on a yearly basis, so fans always let that one slide. Well, sometimes.


Where Will My Hero Academia: Season 7 Be Aired?

My Hero Academia: Season 7 should be streaming on both Crunchyroll and Netflix once it’s out. Both services already have the entire series available, so it’s a given that you’ll likely be watching the rest of the story unfold there too.

The series has had a terrific run throughout the years, and its amazing fanbase is one of the reasons why. With the speed the anime is always being renewed, it’s a done deal that until the manga’s plot is entirely animated, we will be seeing a lot more of it. My Hero Academia: Season 7 might feel a long way out, but Studio Bones is pretty adept at making anime, so an air date as early as Winter 2024 wouldn’t be surprising.

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