50 Best Games of 2017: #26 – Cuphead


Developer: Studio MDHR
Publisher: Studio MDHR
Platform(s): XB1, PC

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If our 50 Best of 2017 list has proven anything so far, it’s that this year’s highlights came in many shapes and sizes, from horrors to shooters, fighting games to RPGs. Studio MDHR’s Cuphead is about as different as they come, blending classic hardcore side scrolling shooters like Metal Slug and Contra with incredible 1930’s style animation. Seeing it in action was a treat to behold, and that’s one of the many reasons why it finds a place on this list.

Cuphead didn’t just look pretty, it was genuinely rewarding to play. Whilst not an easy game in the slightest, Cuphead strived to give players that sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with overcoming a difficult adversary or obstacle. And we mean a real sense of pride and accomplishment, not the kind that comes with spending a bunch of credits of a Battlefront II hero.

Working your way through the game’s four worlds was a difficult task, but one that came with an immense internal pay-off once you finally reach the end. In our review, we described it like this:

As frustrating as it might be to get killed over and over, you do feel yourself improving with every attempt at the level and that knowledge makes you want to have another go. “Oh, that was the first time I made it to the second phase, let’s go again.” “Wow, I beat that part without getting hit. I should be better served later on now.” “Darn, I nearly had the boss there, but now I know I can beat it. I’ll try again.”

Though Cuphead wasn’t without weakness, such as the boring run ‘n’ gun levels, the overall experience was one of magic and wonder. The genre of game might not necessarily be for everyone, but we’d encourage you to give Cuphead a try regardless. You’ll never know otherwise.

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