5 Superstars Who Could Be Behind The SmackDown Glitches

Or is it Kevin Dunn goofing about?

The Fiend

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen some rather random static appear during episodes of SmackDown Live, which most of the WWE Universe are putting down as a classic Kevin Dunn technical error, but there may be a little reasoning behind the slight chaos.

With WrestleMania fast approaching, who could be using glitching techniques to carve their way to the Showcase of the Immortals? Notably, whether coincidence or not, both of last week’s glitches were during segments involving Dolph Ziggler so maybe the person behind it has something against ‘The Showoff’?

We’re going to run down five possible superstars who could be behind these hidden Easter eggs. Make sure you give us your own personal bets in the comments section below.


1. Ali

Source: WWE

Despite making regular appearances in dark matches, we haven’t seen Mustafa on TV since December 13th, when he was pinned by Dash Wilder in a tag team match. Ali has been fairly quiet since then but he is the obvious candidate to be behind the mystery.

Two images were shown on the most recent episode of SmackDown, one of which featured a circle of lights which is almost identical to that on Ali’s glove. I’m sure WWE will try and get Mustafa back in time for WrestleMania, even if it means being a filler in the traditional Mania battle royal, so this may be yet another attempt at a repackage for the former Cruiserweight.

With Ali being a popular name amongst the WWE Universe, there will be a number of fans who hope that if these mysterious statics are linked to him and that the repackage finally propels Mustafa to his first championship glory in WWE.


2. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy
Source: WWE

Matt Hardy’s status with the WWE is a mystery within itself. Once you think he’s done, he keeps coming back for more. Despite Hardy being a big part in a RAW storyline at the moment this doesn’t stop the veteran from getting involved in the blue brand. Randy Orton brutalized Matt, injuring him and to our knowledge concluding yet another WWE chapter in the book of Matt Hardy.

However, if there is one person who can survive a beatdown like he received it’s Matt Hardy, or should I say ‘The Broken One’. A new Matt Hardy has been teased for a few months now but the company where he debuts his new character has remained a mystery.

Many believe he is bound for Wednesday nights as part of AEW while other armchair theorists claim he will stay with WWE. The static could be linked to Matt’s bizarre and broken character, as weird and wacky suits ‘The Broken One’ to a tee but would be somewhat of a quick return after Orton’s heinous attack.

Yet not impossible, Matt’s return as ‘The Broken One’ is improbable.


3. Killer Kross

Killer Kross
Source: WWE

Many fans may not know the name Killer Kross, nor his girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux, but having recently signed with WWE, that is soon to change. After being confirmed by WWE earlier in the year, rumors started to fly around that Kross was to leapfrog NXT and go straight to either RAW or SmackDown.

Kross is a mysterious character himself and he could very well be behind the secretive messages. It’s a strong possibility that this is how Killer Kross makes his debut as his WWE character hasn’t been developed yet so this could easily carve a path for Kross.

The only theory that suggests it might not be the former Impact superstar is the temptation to hold off on his debut until Mania weekend, whether that be rocking up in NXT for Takeover or even making a surprise debut on the Raw after Mania.

Whether it’s Kross or not, expectations remain high for the big man’s impending debut.


4. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

‘The Charismatic Enigma’ has been off TV ever since he and Matt vacated the SmackDown Tag titles on the April 30th episode, due to a leg injury that resulted him being out for nearly a whole year.

However, reports are suggesting that Jeff was backstage for the latest episode of SmackDown Live and is set to return to the ring anytime soon. Hardy has always been a mysterious character so that could explain any involvement he may have with these glitches, however the same question is posed to Jeff as it was to Matt: is his time in WWE coming to an end?

This is a viable option to bring Jeff back to TV in time for WrestleMania to maybe feature in some sort of US title match, or the annual Andre battle royal.


5. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

The Fiend

‘The Fiend’ is at the heart of everything good on SmackDown Live at the moment and he seems to be involved with pretty much all storylines one way or another, so could he be behind the glitches too?

It is definitely something ‘The Fiend’ would do, however he is already involved with Goldberg and has rumoured plans up until WrestleMania so he has no need to get involved with any other feuds.

Despite this being a very Fiend-like thing to do, the likelihood of it being Wyatt behind the mysteries is very slim, just based on the fact Bray has his hands full with other matters.

So, who do you think is behind the glitches and what do you think this means for SmackDown going forward? Make sure you drop your hot takes in the comments below.

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