You Can Now Play Tetris 99 Offline With Paid DLC

Pay-to-play with yourself.

Tetris 99
Tetris 99

Earlier this year, Tetris 99 was released on the Nintendo Switch practically out of nowhere. The free download quickly grew in popularity and became one of the more distinctive battle royale games available. Unfortunately for those who didn’t have a Switch Online account, the game was multiplayer only, meaning it couldn’t be played by offline. Nintendo is fixing that with the Big Block DLC, which is available to buy on the eShop right now.

The download costs $9.99 / £8.99 and effectively turns Tetris 99 into a game that can be played by yourself, which is good news for those who haven’t bought a paid subscription for Nintendo’s online service as this was previously the only way to experience the game. Those who opt to purchase the pack will get access to two new modes. CPU Battle lets you play the battle royale variant against 98 computer controlled players while Marathon is the typical Tetris experience where you play alone to get the best score.

From May 17th, users can also take part in a Maximus Cup event. This will reward players with points when they compete in multiplayer matches. Getting 100 points before the event ends two days later will unlock a classic Game Boy theme.

Tetris 99 is like other entries in the series that have included battle modes. However, instead of squaring off against just one other player, there are 98 to contend with. Clearing lines sends garbage to targeted players and the last person standing wins. While it sounds simple, there is plenty of strategy in deciding when to score and who to target.

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