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WWE 2K23 - Jean Paul Levesque

As is tradition in WWE titles, WWE 2K23 boasts a wide selection of hidden characters and legends for players to enjoy across the game’s range of modes. Some characters, like Bruno Sammartino or Super Cena, require players to put in a bit of work in order to reap the benefits, while others, like Jean Paul Levesque, come a bit more naturally. Still, if you’re not paying attention, the opportunity to unlock him might just pass you by.

For those who don’t know who Jean Paul Levesque is, he’s one of Triple H’s former gimmicks during his time in WCW, before he joined WWE and became one of the most successful wrestlers of all time. An arrogant, aristocratic sort, Jean Paul Levesque could be considered a prescursor to the Hunter Hearst Helmsley gimmick, the character Triple H adopted when he joined WWE.

In order to unlock Jean Paul Levesque, you’ll need to play through the MyRise Career Mode, specifically the scenario called The Lock. This particular scenario casts players as a prominent indie star, signed to WWE and shackled with the gimmick of the next big thing. During the course of the career, you’ll pick a faction that you want to join, but without giving too much away, your time with that faction doesn’t end amicably.

When does it ever in WWE? Or wrestling in general?

Once you’ve hit rock bottom, you’ll enter a chapter called New World Border, which sees “Lock” travelling around the world looking to rebuild his name and credibility. During this chapter, there’s a side mission called The Monarchy, in which your mentor Tavish will talk to you about a match he had against Jean Paul Levesque in WCW. Accept this side mission, then complete the two matches that follow, and you’ll unlock Jean Paul Levesque for all modes.

WWE 2K23 is available on PC, PS5PS4Xbox Series X & S, and Xbox One.

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