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Cena wins lol

WWE 2K23
WWE 2K23 Super Cena

Throughout John Cena’s illustrious career, there are two big memes/jokes within the wrestling community that have followed him around. First, we “literally” cannot see him, and second, his constant winning ways during the late 2000s to 2010s earned him the reputation of “Super Cena“.

In fact, “Cena wins, lol” was a constant comment in the internet wrestling community regarding his booking, but WWE 2K23 have decided to turn this into its own character, creating a Super Cena wrestler you can use. From his stats alone, he’s certainly no joke, and unlocking him might be the toughest task in the whole of the WWE 2K23 Showcase mode.

Here’s how you go about unlocking the Super Cena character in WWE 2K23.


Where To Find Super Cena

WWE 2K23
WWE 2K23 Super Cena

In order to encounter Super Cena, you need to complete the 14 regular matches of the WWE 2K23 Showcase mode. Once you complete the last match, which is the October 2009 Hell In The Cell match between Cena and Randy Orton, you’ll unlock a bonus match, where the game will ask you to pick Cena’s best opponent. Here, you’ll have to pick any one of Cena’s past 14 opponents. We won’t spoil what happens, but the match won’t take too long.

Once the match is over, you’ll be challenged again by Cena, and you’ll again have to pick from Cena’s 14 opponents. Standing across the ring from you this time is Super Cena, who looks quite a bit different than usual.


Unlocking Super Cena

WWE 2K23
WWE 2K23

In order to unlock Super Cena, you’ll need to complete the objectives of this match, like other WWE 2K23 Showcase mode unlocks. Thankfully, the objectives in this match are a lot less intrusive than the objectives in other matches, so you should complete them naturally during the course of the match. Here’s the objectives in order:

– Perform a heavy attack combo inside the ring.
– Dish out an extreme amount of punishment (getting his head to orange health seemed to do the trick).
– Cena might be trouble, hit your finisher.
– Cover him for a pinfall victory.

The actual fight itself is fairly challenging, largely because Super Cena’s stats are 100, making him the most powerful wrestler in the game, eclipsing even Roman Reigns’ 99 overall stats. This means that Super Cena deals a massive amount of damage, takes some serious punishment and can easily build is signature and finisher gauges. Taking him down isn’t easy, but not impossible.

If you’re looking for an easy solution (without lowering the difficulty setting), Roman Reigns is the best choice against Super Cena, due to his aforementioned 99 overall stats. He still is a bit outgunned by Super Cena, but he has the best chance of hanging tough when Super Cena is on the offensive.

Use whatever tricks work best for you when it comes to wearing down Super Cena and building up your finishers, but one thing to keep in mind is Comebacks. Super Cena, like most of the roster, has a Resiliency comeback that allows him to kickout of a pinfall immediately.

As you’ll have already encountered in other Showcase matches, Cena likes to use Resiliency when your last objective is to pin him, just to extend the match for no reason. The same is true here, so trying to bait out his Resiliency with Pin Combos and other pinning situations could be really helpful before setting up for your finisher.

While he’s certainly a tough cookie to crack, taking him down isn’t impossible. Stay on him, use whatever defensive abilities work best for you and eventually you’ll get the three count. Super Cena has an overall rating of 100, and like the other versions of John Cena, he’s classed as a Heavyweight Powerhouse.

Defeating and unlocking Super Cena is probably WWE 2K23 Showcase Mode’s biggest challenge, certainly more so than unlocking Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam. However, there’s still one more challenge left, and that’s unlocking Bruno Sammartino.

WWE 2K23 is available on PC, PS5PS4Xbox Series X & S, and Xbox One.

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