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WWE 2K23 Kurt Angle

The Olympic Athlete and WWE’s premier gold medallist, Kurt Angle‘s career both in WWE and outside of it is nothing short of legendary, so it’s amazing to see him being a playable wrestler once again in WWE 2K23. This is because of WWE 2K23’s Showcase mode, which focuses on some of the biggest matches (and losses) of John Cena’s career.

If you’re in a milk-drinking, ankle-breaking mood, here’s how to unlock Kurt Angle in WWE 2K23.

In order to unlock Kurt Angle, you need to complete all the objectives in the second match of WWE 2K23’s Showcase Mode, which depicts John Cena’s debut match on SmackDown in 2002 against Kurt Angle. After answering an open challenge and announcing that he possesses “Ruthless Aggression”, Cena would put in a fair showing against Angle, but would ultimately come up short in their encounter.

The objectives in question require you to perform certain moves and abilities against Cena, including trying to lock him in the Ankle Lock and so on. Once you’ve finished all of the objectives, you’ll unlock Kurt Angle for use in all of the game’s modes, who has a rating of 90 and is a Light Heavyweight Technician. Along with unlocking Kurt Angle, you’ll also receive the SmackDown 2002 Arena, which includes the iconic SmackDown fist. While playing as Kurt Angle is a nostalgia pop in and of itself, seeing the old SmackDown stage once again is just as satisfying.

The process of unlocking Rob Van Dam is pretty similar to Kurt Angle, but WWE 2K23’s Showcase mode has some other hidden characters to unlock, including Bruno Sammartino and Super Cena, that are just a little bit more complicated.

WWE 2K23 is available on PC, PS5PS4Xbox Series X & S, and Xbox One.

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