Fortnite Season X Missions: Prestige, Rewards & How They Work

Fortnite's challenges have been overhauled.

Fortnite Season X has brought the usual map updates and gameplay changes that have become the bog standard for Fortnite seasonal offerings. One of the more interesting things people were asking though, was how was Epic going to follow up from the Fortbyte system? Epic answered by revamping the challenge system entirely.

Gone are the seven weekly challenges that are released every Tuesday and gone is the Fortbyte system. Instead, we’re given Battle Pass missions, as these replace the weekly challenge system, the three ‘free challenges’ that didn’t require the Battle Pass you received every week are now gone. All of this content is gated behind the Battle Pass, but is arguably far more robust than previous iterations.


Fortnite Battle Pass Missions

Fortnite Missions

Missions are essentially the weekly challenges (which are now called objectives) of old, but repackaged and rebranded and follow a specific theme. An example of this theme is ‘Road Trip’, which is one of Season X’s release missions. All the objectives in this mission are all about travel and exploration, investigating landmarks, driving vehicles and so on.

Following on from this, each mission isn’t fully available from release. Only three of the full seven objectives are available upon release and you need to complete the earlier objectives to unlock later objectives. Objectives that are locked aren’t able to be deciphered until the requirements for their unlock are met (at least within the game UI itself). This means some objectives will remain a surprise until you’ve completed some of the earlier ones.

So far, the objectives themselves are not much different from challenges of past seasons. It’ll still consist of mainly: do damage, eliminate players, run here, use this gun and explore this. Regardless, the novel reframing and rebranding of the entire system under specific themes does inject some much needed flavour into what was becoming a stale gameplay loop and reward structure.


Battle Pass Rewards

Fortnite Rumble Royale

Objectives themselves also no longer have a specific reward, but instead you receive a reward for each milestone in the mission. For example, the first objective doesn’t reward you five or ten Battle Stars like it used to. Instead completing your first objective of the mission will reward you according to its specific reward scheme. For example, the Rumble Royale series of objectives have a reward structure like so:

1st objective: 10 Battle Stars
2nd objective: 10 Battle Stars
3rd objective: 10 Battle Stars
4th objective: 5,000 experience
5th objective: 10 Battle Stars
6th objective: 10 Battle Stars
7th objective: Fang Saws harvesting tool (pickaxe skin)

This reward structure now provides extra incentive for players to actively finish each set of objectives as there is a unique reward. By decoupling specific rewards from specific objectives, it allows players to be a little more selective about which objectives they want to do, while also providing a big extra incentive to complete the mission in its entirety.


Prestige Missions

Fortnite prestige missions

The final big change and the most unique change to the challenge system is ‘prestige missions’, which contain seven separate objectives of its own. Prestige missions are packaged with the same initial set of seven objectives that you receive each week, but are locked behind the initial seven. This technically means each week of challenges actually contains 14 objectives, not the originally stated seven.

However, the prestige objectives aren’t exactly ‘new’ objectives. They’re the same seven objectives you were originally given, just with the difficulty ramped up. For example, the Road Trip mission has an objective that asks you to destroy ten stop signs. The prestige version of this objective asks you to destroy seven stop signs, but in a single match, making it a lot more difficult to complete. All of the prestige objectives tend to follow this logic, by adding ‘fail conditions’ to them. This makes the rewards in this set of objectives a bit more difficult to obtain, hence the ‘prestige’.

The reward structure of prestige mission are the same as the normal set of objectives, like so:

1st objective: 1,000 experience
2nd objective: 1,000 experience
3rd objective: 1,000 experience
4th objective: Rust Lord Emoticon
5th objective: 1,000 experience
6th objective: 1,000 experience
7th objective: X-Lord (Rust) skin recolour

So far there are two major differences in the reward structures. The first difference is that the first six prestige mission rewards don’t payout as well as the first six normal mission rewards. The second difference is that the final normal mission reward tends to unlock cosmetics that aren’t skin related and the final prestige mission reward unlocks a recolour of an already existing skin.

To access prestige missions, you must achieve 100% completion of the set’s normal objectives. Once you achieve 100% completion, you’ll be promoted to ‘prestige’ the set. Doing this will unlock the first three prestige objectives, which is the upgraded version of the original three normal objectives. So when the game asks you to ‘prestige the mission to unlock’, it means you need to complete the original seven objectives and hit the prestige button before you can access them.


Fortnite Level-Headed And Zero Point


Zero Point Fortnite

The last notable change to the challenge system is ‘Level-Headed’ and ‘Zero Point’. Level-Headed isn’t an actual mission like the others, but rather an overarching reward structure for the entirety of Season X. There are no specific objectives outside of ‘attain level X’ to Level Headed (hence the name). Every five levels is a milestone and each milestone contains a cosmetic reward, which takes the form of either a skin recolour or an emote.

Zero Point is very similar in function to Level-Headed, providing a season wide reward scheme for players. However, unlike Level-Headed, it has more specific objectives, which are mostly related to the mission system. Completing missions and prestige missions are the primary objective of Zero Point, which caps off with the Season X ‘ultimate skin’, a red Ultima Knight recolour.

That about covers the colossal revamp of the challenge system for the time being. As more missions are released Epic may reveal more surprises, but so far this covers most of what we know about the new system.

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