Warsaw Beginner’s Tips: Strategy, Tactics, Characters & More

Drive out the Nazi forces with these tips.


Warsaw, developed by Pixelated Milk, sees players take control of the hopeful and valiant Polish resistance during the August 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Just like any military operation, fighting the enemy is hard and it’s crucial for fledgling commanders to get an understanding of the battlefield, the resources available, and the capabilities of their soldiers. In this guide, we will lay out the most critical pieces of strategic and tactical advice you need so that you can succeed in restoring Poland’s independence.


1. Prioritize Weakening Districts For Missions And Excursions

As the uprising gets underway, the player will inevitably have to make difficult decisions about which allied resistance cells to support. Each district provides supplies, which act as the main currency for acquiring ammo, mission equipment, and completing excursions. The longer you keep districts at a high morale level, the more they will maintain their supply income for your effort, so it’s critical to use missions and excursions to support districts that are on the brink of surrendering or reducing their supply income.


2. Repair Looted Weapons For A Stable Source of Income

During missions and as a reward for completing missions, players will inevitably receive damaged weaponry that they can repair for a supply cost. Players won’t need all weaponry they repair as they will not have enough characters to use said weapons. An efficient way to earn supplies is to repair weapons and then sell them for a profit. The price to repair is usually half of the revenue you’d gain from selling weapons, which ensures a steady income.


3. Use Mission Resources Generously

Flares, compasses, and bandages are the main mission resources available to the player to help in exploration and survival. Flares, which reveal points of interest within a given diameter, are the least useful as points of interest are usually quite spread out, though there are occasionally some locations that are hidden and will require a flare to reveal them. Compasses are the player’s best friend for exploring as they slow down the drain of action points for movement, but it’s worth noting that as soon as you start a battle, the effect of the compass wears off immediately. Bandages are a great way to prepare for battle so that the fireteam spends more time shooting and less time healing, as they can heal characters outside of combat.


4. Understand Enemy Patrols And Avoid Them Where Possible

There are three types of enemy patrols: dormant, aware, and active. Dormant patrols act as standard points of interest and will not attack the fireteam unless the player initiates combat. Aware patrols have a small detection radius and will automatically initiate combat if they have a line of sight on the player’s fireteam within the detection radius. Active patrols have a large enough detection radius that they can detect the fireteam before the patrol itself is spotted. This usually happens if the player chooses to march over open ground without the cover of buildings. To stay safe from patrols it’s important to maximally use the urban areas of Warsaw’s districts to block the line of sight of aware or active patrols.


5. Skills Early On, Specialization Later

In the early stages of the Uprising, the player will not have enough characters to specialize their roles. It is in the interest of survival and the ability to tackle any tactical threat to take skills for characters that allow them to hit any target, regardless of positioning. This allows characters in a fireteam to still act no matter what happens to them. Only in the later stages of the game as heroes level up and more join the cause does it make sense to specialize characters for specific roles, such as damage, buffing, or healing.


6. New Weapons And Skills Equal Increased Damage And Combat Flexibility

Weapons and skills are flexible in Warsaw and can be changed in the Hideout. There is almost no reason not to equip new weapons when repaired if there are characters than can wield them. Taking new weapons increases character damage and provides new weapon-specific skills. As characters level up and get access to new skills, players can specialize them and create a more effective fireteam.


7. Volunteers Are Incredibly Flexible, Cheap And Efficient

Even though volunteers are not as customizable or individually flexible like the unique characters, their role of supplementing the characters makes them incredibly useful. There is no limit to how many volunteers a player can have at their hideout and their only cost is supplies. When recruiting volunteers, they receive a random support skill and weapon.

Almost all abilities and weapons are useful, with the Ploy (add 1 stamina to another character; this character loses 2 stamina) skill and pistol being the least useful. In addition, compared to the unique characters, volunteer abilities on average cost less ammo than the named characters, meaning they can last longer in a fire fight without running out of ammo. Moreover, they’re effective meat shields, since there is no penalty for losing them in battle.


8. In Combat, Prioritize High Damage Enemies First

High damage enemies are enemy types that consistently deal 15+ damage per ability and that also include area of effect abilities, damage over time, and multiple activations. Some examples of these unit types are the rifleman, SS grenadier, machine gunners, brennkommando, mortars, and riot troopers. It’s in the player’s best interest to take out these high threat targets as early as possible before the player uses any healing abilities that would reduce the fireteam’s damage output.


9. Positioning Is Key

There are three main elements to keep in mind for positioning, the first being cover. Cover is one of the main tactical additions in Warsaw and is critical to keeping the fireteam alive. The way it works is if there is a character behind a piece of cover, if they’re targeted, the cover will usually reduce and then split the damage between it and the protected character. This is a great way of keeping characters alive.

Spreading out characters is another effective method of keeping them alive. The Axis forces get plenty of area of effect abilities that target several rows and/or both lanes. By spreading the fireteam out to positions two and four or one and three, you can minimize the damage of blast abilities. In addition, cover is quite common in battles and will usually spawn in the front positions and occasionally in the back rows. To maximize the chance of characters being in cover at the start of the fight, it is recommended to avoid placing characters in the front row altogether, as the game doesn’t make it clear whether cover will spawn on an already occupied position.

The final element of positioning is the flanking mechanic. When a character targets an enemy that is positioned in a lane diagonally from the active character, the target will receive extra damage. In other words, if a character in the top lane is targeting an enemy in the bottom lane, that enemy will take more damage. The flanking mechanic can help inform player’s tactical decision-making on how to position characters to defeat high priority targets as quickly as possible.


10. Understand Long Range vs Short Range Weapons And Positioning

Warsaw reflects the reality of weapon effectiveness, as machine guns and rifles are some of the highest damage dealing weapons meant for long range combat. To illustrate this, characters that use these weapons have their highest damage skills locked to rear positions. In other words, a rifleman in the fireteam would need to be deployed in rows three or four to use their highest damage abilities.

SMGs on the other hand have abilities that target the enemy front rows and usually can hit multiple targets, while Pistols are the most flexible of weapon types usually found on healer, support, or tank-based characters. Positioning these resilient and supportive characters with pistols in the front ensures they can at least deal some damage to all targets, regardless of their position, but at the same time cover the rifle and machine gun-armed heroes in the back rows.

Heed this advice and Poland will see itself reborn.

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