Rainbow Six Siege Attacking Tips: Drones, Cameras, Ping & More

How to make a big bang in Siege.


Even though it’s a game that’s been out for a long time now, there’s no shortage of new players logging on for the first time to play Rainbow Six Siege. However, with so many experienced players spawn-peeking and angle-holding like maniacs, it can be a bit of a rough start for brand new players, which is where some Rainbow Six Siege attacking tips might come in handy.

A Siege match consists of two distinct scenarios: attacking and defending. The modes range from Bomb, Hostage, to Secure Area in attacking, while defenders simply have to stop attackers from achieving any of them by eliminations or timing them out across all three modes. You will take part in both during any Siege match with attacking generally being a little trickier to win as defenders have more preparation time.

We’re going to focus on some Rainbow Six Siege attacking tips to help you wallbang and dropshot with the best of them, though the best thing, as always, is simple practice and map knowledge. Spend some serious time in Casual or Unranked before you even think of tackling Ranked.

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Rainbow Six Siege Attacking Tips

Keep Your Drones Alive

We all know it’s great fun to bully defenders once you’ve found the objective, but it’s highly recommended that you try to keep your first drone alive and somewhere within the objective room instead, if not slightly outside so that you can easily drive it in during the middle of action.

If you’ve found a nice hiding spot, turn your drone to face an object to dull the light on its front and then switch it back with a couple of seconds left until the round begins so your teammates can also see through it if you happen to die.


Don’t Just Go Charging In

Rainbow Six Siege

You will almost certainly notice a lot of your teammates are lunatics who just rush the objective without much care or thought for what lies ahead. Don’t be like that. Instead, from the very moment you make your first breach, you need to be cautious.

Melee a hole in a wooden door and then step back as a hail of bullets might follow suit. Even worse, you may fall afoul of a trap or even some roamers if you don’t look before you break through. Be patient and thoughtful rather than a K/D hunter.


Utilise Your Second Drone

Siege Twitch drone

You will rarely, if ever, see anyone use their second drone in Casual, but they really should — it’s a pretty vital part of Ranked play. Once your first drone is down as an attacker, you have the option to deploy a second one during the action phase.

These backup drones should be used to scout out rooms, or even to distract defenders while your team does something somewhere else. Be sure you’re not in plain view, though — roamers will likely find you an easy kill.


Take Longer Routes To the Objective

Moving straight to the objective through the nearest possible route is incredibly predictable for attackers, who are probably waiting with their crosshairs to shoot you the second they hear movement by a window.

Instead, what you should do is find a less than obvious route. If the objective is in the west of a building, enter from the east and you may also be able to fend off any roamers as well as take the enemy by surprise. Familiarity breeds contempt, and all that.


Penetrative Attackers Are Key

Siege 9

Good ol’ Thermite, Ash and Sledge used to be the only really penetrative attackers across the whole Siege roster, but now it’s positively stacked with Operators who can make a big bang. You’ll need them if you want to push into the objectives.

Defenders will often reinforce walls and doors closest to the objective, so you’ll need something that can bust through — there’s nothing worse than just not being able to get through with the time ticking away. As a general tip, Ash is the best Operator for new players.


Use Your Ping Function

Rainbow Six Siege

While Apex Legends may have brought the hot new multiplayer mechanic to a bigger crowd, Siege was there first. Though it doesn’t give quite as much info as Apex, the ping function in Siege can still be hugely useful for giving more precise locations rather than “over there”.

All of your teammates can see the ping even if they are halfway across the map, which could be used to either tell that there’s an enemy nearby or that you’ve found a clear route. If you’re not feeling too social, a decent ping can eliminate some of the need for voice comms — though they are strongly recommended.


Always Look Down

We don’t mean that you should be walking around with your head down throughout the majority of a match, rather that you should always be aware of the traps that lie in wait. This goes doubly for Frost traps, which are typically place at the base of windows to catch breachers off-guard.

There are other traps to look out for, such as Ela’s Grzot Mine, but you unfortunately have next to no chance with Lesion, whose poison mines are somehow invisible. Another general tip for you: don’t be that guy.


Learn Camera Placements

Siege Finka

Siege’s maps are a bit of a sensory overload to begin with thanks to them featuring all manner of routes, nooks, and crannies. Cameras are even harder to get to grips with, but learning them will make your attacking go much easier.

Defenders have access to internal and external cameras that they can use at any time to try and track you down, so you should disable these with a simple shot or Thatcher ‘nade if you can. As a rule of thumb, there’s usually a camera right near every spawn.


Don’t Blow a Fuze

Siege FUZE

Seriously, gang: please don’t use Fuze on Hostage. While Fuze is an appealing pick for brand new players as he can sometimes get easy kills, he’s far more trouble than he’s worth when playing Hostage because, surprisingly, the hostage is not keen on getting exploded with grenades.

While experienced players may still opt for Fuze with better understanding of the map, it’s still a risk not worth taking as his grenades can bounce in pretty much any direction and make your team lose the round.


Plant If You Can Plant

It’s always frustrating to see the defuser not utilising the kit on Bomb, particularly when the attackers gain control over one of the bomb rooms. If you’ve cleared a room or the defenders have overlooked the second objective (which they seem to do often), march your way in and plant them bomb.

This will force any of the remaining defenders to come out of their hiding spots and more or less charge in in a panic to destroy the defuser. Take advantage of this by placing the defuser near a window so that you can jump out, wait for the defender to defuse, and then pick them off when they attempt. It’s not exactly galaxy brain stuff, but it works often.


Shoot Through the Thing

Siege Tachanka

Almost every wall in Siege that isn’t made from brick can be shot through, which can then deal penetration damage. You would be surprised at how often you can nab a lucky headshot by simply spraying from the weaker wood walls in Siege.

You can also use these “plywood” to create a hole for you to move through simply by shooting them, though this takes its sweet time. Considering choosing a Breach Charge as your utility to get through any non-reinforced walls, or play as Buck and blast your way through them instead because not enough people appreciate Buck.

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