Is The Falconeer Coming To PS4 & PS5?

A port falconear or falconfar?

The Falconeer
The Falconeer

Video games often take players to new heights, showing them new worlds and vast universes to explore. The Falconeer literally elevates players as they man the titular Falconeer, an aerial warrior equipped with the latest in avian ranged firepower. But is The Falconeer coming to PS5 as well as Xbox Series X | S?

Developed by the solo team of Tomas Sala, creative director at Little Chicken Game Company, The Falconeer released on Steam and Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X | S. However, Microsoft wasn’t the only company dropping a major release that could benefit from an indie-developed, open-world joyride like The Falconeer.

As players take flight in Sala’s delightful adventure, they’ll guard the skies above the Great Ursee. Unique structures and scattered settlements dot the land below as the Falconeer soars above, bringing the fight to the well-equipped rivals that threaten the sanctity and beauty of the ancient Ursee. Dogfights unravel in 60FPS for a smooth experience that, unfortunately, PS4 and PS5 owners will have to enjoy in Let’s Play videos and Twitch streams.

At the time of release, neither Sala nor the game’s publisher, Wired Productions, had anything to say about a PlayStation release of The Falconeer. In fact, everything has been very heavily geared towards the Xbox Series X | S launch of the game, which was delivered to new console owners through Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system.

The Falconeer
The Falconeer

Delivering another blow to PS4 and PS5 owners is a statement from Wired Productions’ managing director, Leo Zullo. Prior to The Falconeer’s release, Zullo stated they have “worked closely with the Xbox team over the past year” to find The Falconeer “a natural place in Series X.”

Salas offered his own comments on the game’s development and release, stating:

“Working on the Xbox Series X has been a great experience. My goal – my passion – is to create worlds that are not just epic landscapes and backgrounds, but dangerous and disturbing places. Where action binds you to the structure of these worlds. Time spent with the Xbox Series X has allowed me to harness the creative and technical power to take the gamer on a wonderful journey to these worlds, straight from my imagination, without limits.”

It’s worth noting that there has been no mention of timed exclusivity or even a hint of a PlayStation collaboration. Even Sala’s Twitter account is plastered with Xbox hashtags, further solidifying his business relationship with Microsoft.

It’s a shame The Falconeer likely won’t drop on the PS4 or PS5, too. The open-world experience is dynamic, sending players to a world where the decisions made alter alliances with civilizations and settlements. The Falconeer also features different gear and mounts to choose from to create the greatest airborne warrior.

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