The Anacrusis Launches Today On Game Preview & Game Pass

Four players vs hordes of aliens? Sounds good to me.

The Anacrusis

Stray Bombay’s four player co-op shooter The Anacrusis launches today on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S via Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass, meaning you can join your friends in shooting the hell out of hordes of aliens. That starship isn’t going to defend itself, after all. Check out some gameplay for yourself at the top of the page.


What Is The Anacrusis?

The Anacrusis is a four player horde shooter in a similar vein to Left 4 Dead or, more recently, Back 4 Blood. You control one of four characters, Nessa, Guion, Liu and Lance, who are the unwitting last bastion of humanity standing against legions of aliens.

Players explore a massive starship, contending with aliens that are being powered by the game’s AI Driver, which aims to spawn, bosses and items in ways that are designed to challenge and thrill players of all skill levels. Whether that’s actually the case or it’ll just spawn an insurmountable wave every now and again for the giggles remains to be seen.

As you play through the game, you’ll collect perks, new weapons and other upgrades that can help turn the tides against the aliens. Either you can spread your build to excel in multiple areas, or you can just turn your gun into an alien god killing mega weapon. The choice is yours.

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