The Shield Reunion: Why It’s Good and What It Means

The Shield reunion is just going to print money for WWE.


The inevitable return of The Shield is a reality. At the end of Raw a week ago, Roman Reigns sat recovering in the locker room, and was joined on either side by Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. After a few moments of suspense and awkward silence, the three joined fists in their signature pose to close the show.

People have been talking about this happening for a while, with rumblings going on for months, and WWE has teased it, finally doubling down by booking Miz to use The Shield’s three-fist salute and iconic entrance through the crowd.

The impatient nostalgia is strong with this one. However, the timing couldn’t be better and there is a bevy of positives about the situation.

First of all, what it means:

In popular culture, the turnaround for the old becoming new again is generally ten to fifteen years. 80’s nostalgia in the 2000’s is one example.

Wrestling, though, is a different animal. If the demand is there or a push doesn’t work out – in some cases, both circumstances happen to be true – a celebrated team will be brought back together. NWO, DX, Beer Money, New Age Outlaws – the list goes on.

In other words, WWE is no stranger to seeing money in an angle, especially when a couple of stars are floundering. Dean has seen better days and they tried everything with the Reigns experiment. Rollins has been more consistent than the other two but his momentum slowed a bit the last couple months. They are currently stronger together than apart.

Roman most of all needs the rub if the plan is to build him strongly for Wrestlemania. Vince is finally seeing Reigns needs something more than what he’s been getting. He will be pushed as part of a stable, and made the focal point of the group overtly this time.

And with that, here’s why it’s good.

WWE read the tea leaves and decided to give us what we want. For all the problems with the product, there is a glimmer of hope they will get this right.

Things are off to a promising start and indicate Creative is determined to make the angle work. The Hounds of Justice are pitted against The Miz, who can reliably give them the heat they need, and The Bar, for whom exciting matches are second nature. If you are bringing The Shield back, this is how you do it.

Consequently, Roman is blessed with advantages. The boos will be reduced when he is with his comrades, and he is likely to get away with heelish tactics The Shield was known for at their height. They can plant the seed for a full turn with Roman, if they wish, while leaving the group as the popular anti-hero faction we all remember.

We the fans will get two things we’ve clamored for – heel Reigns and a Shield reunion – while the little things, as well as the essence of what made them so great, aren’t tainted.

Conversely, the obvious potential doesn’t mean the plan will come together, but WWE has one thing on their side and that – again – is perfect timing. All three guys are still in their prime and Vince smartly didn’t shuffle his feet in reunifying them. Nobody wants or deserves a Shield that is a shell of its former self, passed their prime trying to recapture magic that was once in a lifetime.

It’s good news for RAW’s tag team division which could use some rekindling as of late too. The Shield will be able to work new teams and elevate others. They have the chance to wrestle The Hardys (possibly), The Bar, and The Revival when they return.

Done right, there could be money in a feud with Gallows and Anderson. A Bullet Club vs. Shield match is now beyond the realm of mere fantasy booking. They are not the Young Bucks, but that is a start. Rumors were strong they’d hook up with their old buddy Finn as Balor Club and face The Shield in a match at Mania.

While that’s less than likely if Roman is the chosen one to dethrone Brock, it’s indicative of the possibilities and they are endless.

But first things first, their dominance has to be established again. Fast-forward to this past RAW and the Hounds are off and running. They took out both Miz and Braun Strowman with the triple powerbomb to massive cheers.

Meaning the people missed that. It’s been so long for everybody, the crowds and WWE itself. We need this but they need it more – to bring something back which can pass along pops to Roman Reigns again and open the door to new ideas.

Whichever they go with, people will be excited about the product again. You can believe in that.

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