Resident Evil Village: Polycrystal Skulls & Crystal Mechanical Hearts

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Large Crystal Mechanical Heart sell
Large Crystal Mechanical Heart sell

Heisenberg’s Factory is one of the biggest and longest levels in Resident Evil Village, and it also brings with it loads of new enemies and loot, including Mechanical Hearts and new Crystal Skulls.

Polycrystal Skulls are dropped by the “cyber Moroaicas”, who wear headsets and are more resistant to damage than usual. Polycrystal Skulls are worth 3500 Lei when sold to the Duke, which is more than the normal Crystal Skulls.

Mechanical Hearts meanwhile are dropped by the various Soldat enemies you will find throughout the Factory. The best one to get from these Soldat enemies, which you earn from killing the Soldat Panzer, is the Perfect Crystal Mechanical Heart, which will net you a pretty staggering 25000 Lei.

Meanwhile, defeating Sturm, the ridiculous propeller boss, will give you the Complex Mechanical Heart in return for 40000 Lei. Sturm is a tough cookie, but as long as you keep using your flashbangs in your GM 79 and then lighting him up from behind, you should win the day.

None of these items do anything, so your best bet is to sell them to the Duke as soon as you can. With you unlocking access to two new weapons from him in The Factory, the SYG-12 and V61, you’re going to need all the Lei you can find.

Resident Evil Village is available now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One.

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