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The Wano Arc in One Piece is still ongoing, with Episode 1041 right around the corner. Last week’s episode covered Chapter 1018 of the manga, featuring a duel between Jimbei and Who’s-Who. With less than 40 chapters left for Wano, we’re getting closer to the climax of the longest arc in One Piece.

Manga readers know that anime fans will be delighted by Wano’s finale. However, the Heart Pirates are still resuscitating Luffy, so it’ll take a few more episodes for Luffy to return. For now, you can watch the Alliance dwindle the forces of the Beast Pirates and Yamato holding off Kaido. If you want to catch the next episode, here’s the air date for One Piece Episode 1041, along with its release times and plot.


One Piece Episode 1041 Air Date and Release Times

One Piece Episode 1041 will be released on Sunday, November 20, 2022, with the title “Great Battle of Monsters! Yamato and Franky.” It still follows a weekly release, so you can watch Episode 1041 this Sunday at the following times, depending on your time zone:

Japan Standard Time – 9:30 am
Pacific Time – 7:00 pm
Eastern Time – 10:00 pm
Central Time – 9:00 pm
British Summer Time – 3:00 am
Australian Central Daylight Time – 12:30 pm
India Time – 7:30 am

These are the official release times for One Piece Episode 1041. For international releases, you’ll have to wait 1.5 hours after it airs in Japan before it’s available in your country.


One Piece Episode 1041 Plot

Unfortunately, Episode 1041’s official plot hasn’t been revealed yet. Still, we can speculate based on the preview shown in the previous episode. Before that, here’s a quick recap of the last episode.

“Who’s-Who expresses fierce resentment toward Luffy, and Jimbei fights back out of his loyalty to Luffy. As Who’s-Who asks Jimbei a question, he tramples on the dignity of the Fish-Men, and that sparks Jimbei’s outrage.”

Based on the preview, the next episode will feature separate battles between the Straw Hats and the Beast Pirates. The first one is the father and son duel between Kaido and Yamato, where Yamato is expected to unleash his true form. Meanwhile, Franky is also fighting a Tobi Roppo member, Sasaki, using the General Franky robot. Furthermore, Sanji and Queen’s fight also continues in the next episode. And finally, the Mink doctors will inject a drug into Zoro that will get him back to the battle but increases his pain during the aftermath.


Where to Watch One Piece Episode 1041

You can watch One Piece’s latest episode on Crunchyroll since it’s the service that allows other countries to watch it on the same day as the Japanese release. Other services also have One Piece episodes, but they aren’t updated like Crunchyroll.

Still, there are regions that Crunchyroll doesn’t support, so you’ll have to get a VPN. Depending on your country, you can watch One Piece on other websites, such as Bilibili. If you’re planning to stick with Crunchyroll, make sure you can watch with Japanese dubs since the English dub hasn’t caught up to the latest episode.

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