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After 25 years on-air, One Piece is still going strong with over 1000 episodes. Throughout the years, Toei Animation continuously animated the pirate world created by Eiichiro Oda. With the manga having over 500 million copies in circulation, there’s no doubt that Oda’s work is one of the best series of all time. So if you’re planning to watch One Piece, then you’re probably wondering which of the filler episodes and arcs can be skipped.

Given the length of One Piece, catching up requires you to invest a lot of your time. Currently, the series can be divided into ten sagas, each having multiple story arcs. Every now and then, you’ll encounter the occasional filler arc when watching One Piece. Now, you might be tempted to skip these arcs so you can catch up faster, but hold that thought for a moment.

Even though fillers have no bearing on the story, some are still enjoyable to watch. Those enjoyable ones will give you memorable stories, along with One Piece’s trademark action and humor. However, some fillers fail to meet the level of quality that the others brought, making them fall flat. To help you avoid them, here are the One Piece filler arcs, movies, and episodes that you can skip.


What’s The Skippable One Piece Filler?

Here are the One Piece fillers that aren’t worth your time. These can be skipped without any consequences whatsoever.

– Alabasta Fillers (Episodes 98, 99, 102)

– Goat Island Arc (Episodes 136-138)

– Rainbow Mist Arc (Episodes 139-143)

– Enies Lobby Flashbacks (Episodes 279-283)

– Boss Luffy Episodes (Episodes 291, 292, 303, 406, 407)

– Spa Island Arc (Episodes 382-383)

– Little East Blue Arc (Episodes 426-429)

– Pre-Marineford Fillers (Episodes 457-458)

– Z’s Ambition Arc (Episodes 575-578)

– Cidre Guild Arc (Episodes 895, 896)

– 20th Anniversary Special! Romance Dawn (Episode 907)

– Uta’s Past Arc (Episodes 1029-1030)

If you plan to watch the movies, then some of these fillers should be watched alongside them. For instance, the Little East Blue arc sets up the events of One Piece Film: Strong World. Furthermore, Cidre Guild served as a prologue for One Piece: Stampede before the Straw Hats reached the Pirates Festival. And finally, Uta’s Past arc directly ties into the most recent movie, One Piece Film: Red. Other than those, you can freely skip the other fillers mentioned.


Why Should You Skip These One Piece Filler?

Those One Piece fillers should be skipped due to multiple reasons. First of all, some of them are simply not that good. They don’t have anything that can hook you in or justify spending time to watch through all of it. Some examples of this are the Alabasta fillers, the Rainbow Mist arc, and the 20th Anniversary Special. These were a total snoozefest, so only watch them if you want something to get you to sleep.

Another reason why you should skip some of those arcs is that they interrupt the storyline. Fillers like the Enies Lobby flashbacks, Boss Luffy episodes, and the movie tie-ins were all released right in the middle of major story arcs. They can easily take you out of the moment, and you’ll only long for them to be over.

The other fillers that weren’t mentioned are all enjoyable and must not be skipped. Fan favorites like the G-8 and Warship Island arcs are a delight to watch as they deliver high-quality stories. They also intertwine with a few canon episodes, so you might get confused if you skip them.

Of course, you might have a different opinion regarding One Piece fillers. So if you want to judge for yourself, and you’re willing to spend some extra time, then you should watch the One Piece fillers yourself to see which ones should be skipped or not. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the ones we deemed skip-worthy to be actually good.

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