Nintendo’s Weird Exercise Peripheral Revealed As Ring Fit Adventure

Arriving October 18th.

Ring Fit Adventure

Remember Nintendo’s weird video from last week, where a bunch of people around the world messed about with a giant ring and leg-strap accessory? Today, Nintendo have properly unveiled the details behind this new peripheral, combining exercise with a core, RPG-esque experience. It’s called Ring Fit Adventure and you can check out the gameplay and overview trailer below.

In Ring Fit Adventure, players utilise the Ring-Con and leg strap accessories to perform various exercises, only these exercises have an effect in-game. Jogging on the spot allow you to traverse the world on a set path, with other poses and actions required to navigate certain sections of the game. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies that can be defeated using Fit Skills.

Fit Skills come in four separate categories, with red focusing on arms, yellow skills relying on your core muscles, blue skills targeting your legs, making sure you never forget leg day, and green skills which incorporate various Yoga activities. You’ll also be able to defend attacks by pressing the Ring-Con against your abs. Enemies are colour coded, so you have to use the right skills to deal more damage, which should ensure that each battle or overall level in the game will incorporate a varied exercise regimen.

Aside from the main adventure mode, there’s Quick Play minigames which challenge you to perform a certain exercise as many times as possible in a short amount of time, or to complete bonus tasks using the regular exercises. There’s also Quick Play: Set, which offers you more specific exercises based on targeted muscle groups. While it can be enjoyed solo, Quick Play seems catered to a group dynamic.

With the ability to cater the level of exercise depending on your level of fitness, proper information and exercise form displayed on screen at all times and a package that engages a more core gaming experience, Ring Fit Adventure could perfectly combine exercise and gaming when it launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 18th. Are you interested? Sound off in the comments.

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