New PS5 Update Dropping Tomorrow, Adds USB Storage & More

Your PS5 is about to get better.


Sony have announced that the first major system update for the PS5 is on the way, and is scheduled to drop worldwide tomorrow. The update will also be adding improvements to the PS4 and PlayStation App to boot.


What’s Coming In This Update?

The update is detailed over on the PlayStation Blog, and includes a highly requested/promised feature: USB storage expansion. Players can now use USB extended storage to store PS5 games, but it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to play PS5 games from said storage. Moving games from external storage to the PS5’s internal SSD will be quicker than reinstalling the game from disc or redownloading the game entirely, so essentially, you’ll be able to use USB storage to keep all your back-up games.

The update will also include enhanced social features for the PS4 and PS5, including cross-generational Share Play, which allows PS4 players to view the screens of PS5 players using Share Play and vice versa. You’ll also be able to request to join the game sessions of your friends on both PS4 and PS5, reducing the time it takes to join your friends.

For PS5 users specifically, the update will include greater control and personalisation options, including an improved Game Base menu for quicker access to content and features, the ability to disable game chat and adjust the volume of players, game update pre-downloads, the option to adjust what level of trophies results in an automatic screenshot and more.

As for the PlayStation App, more features are coming down the pipeline to make connecting to your PS5 experience much easier, including the ability to join a friend’s multiplayer session from the app, manage your PS5’s console storage and other features that should lead to a more robust PlayStation App experience.

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