New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Showcases Massive Lad Broly

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco have unveiled a new trailer detailing the first of two DLC characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ: the gargantuan Broly. Just look at the size of that big Saiyan slab of meat. He makes Goku look like a pathetic child. Or Krillin.

Broly, who was announced a few weeks ago alongside Goku’s dad Bardock, appears to specialise in close range fights. He’s retained his Bloody Smash attack, where he stomps on Goku in mid-air, and one of his super moves is his trademark Eraser Cannon. He’s also quite adept in the art of grabbing people and slamming their heads into the ground. Android 16 might have some competition when it comes to who can dunk opponents the best.

No word has been given on a release date yet, aside from a vague “soon”, but it shouldn’t be too long before you can form the Monstrous Meathead super team of Broly, Android 16 and Nappa. Who doesn’t love big guys doing big damage? Broly and Bardock are available as part of the FighterZ Pass, which is a part of the FighterZ and Ultimate Editions of the game. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on Broly in the comments.

Though you might be in awe at the size of this absolute unit, we were in awe of Dragon Ball FighterZ when it launched back in January. We also came up with a wishlist of who we’d like to see added as DLC, which included Broly and Bardock. I’m not saying we’re psychic, but I’m not denying it either.

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