Dragon Ball FighterZ: 5 DLC Characters We’d Like To See

Dragon Ball FighterZ has over 20 characters already. Let's wish for a few more.


We’re just a few weeks away from the launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and have I mentioned I’m excited? I’m excited. You’re excited, probably. Why else would you be clicking this article? Even my mum is excited, if for no other reason than Dragon Ball FighterZ coming out will finally mean I shut up about how excited I am.

The currently announced roster stands at 21 characters. 23 if you include the Super Saiyan Blue versions of Goku and Vegeta, 24 if we’re to assume new character Android 21 is playable in some fashion. If we’re also assuming that’s the final roster, which is likely considering the intro cinematic doesn’t feature any more characters, then is it too early to start looking towards the future? We’ve come up with our list of Dragon Ball characters we’d like to see turn up in FighterZ as DLC.


Hercule/Mr Satan


Dragon Ball’s resident jobber, when both Yamcha and Tien are away on business, Hercule, or Mr Satan, is the classic tale of a man out of his depth. He’s a competent martial arts fighter that’s unfortunately caught in a world of alien warriors, gods and demons. Talk about being dealt a bad hand, but Hercule has made the best of what’s been given. Sure, just like in the anime and manga, he’d be a joke character, but joke characters are fantastic (Dan Hibiki for life). Imagine the salt that would exude from your opponent when that mustachioed, afro headed chump bodies their entire team. I live for that shit.



From a joke character to an absolute beast, Broly is probably considered to be the most well remembered Dragon Ball villain outside of the main arcs (Freiza, Cell, Majin Buu etc). A legendary super saiyan with an insatiable appetite for revenge against Kakarot, Broly is a juggernaut. Anytime he encounters the Z Fighters, destruction isn’t that far behind. He’s able to destroy planets effortlessly with a single energy blast, and has withstood a point-blank Kamehameha from poster boy Goku. His potential role in the game could be as a rushdown grappler, overwhelming his opponents with his sheer strength, or a defensive “turtle|” character. Please be the first one though. We don’t want turtles.



The father of Goku and Raditz, Bardock’s story is one of tragedy. After finding out that the duplicitous Frieza was going to destroy the Saiyan homeworld, Bardock tried yet ultimately failed to save Planet Vegeta. In the original anime and manga, Bardock was nothing more than a strong “low-class” warrior, but the extended universe has given the man a chance to shine, increasing in power exponentially and even reaching Super Saiyan 3. Time Breaker Bardock, seen in Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Online, could be more of a match for anyone on the roster.



Speaking of Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Online, Mira is one of the primary antagonists for both games. A demonic being who harvests the DNA of other warriors to increase his own strength, Mira boasts a unique look and would make for an interesting dark horse pick for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Season Pass. In Xenoverse and its sequel, Mira was equipped with moves and abilities borrowed from other characters, such as Android 17’s Side Bridge and Janemba’s Dimension Ray. The ability to use the moves of other characters, perhaps even the ones you’re currently fighting with, would make him a great wild card addition to any team.



It doesn’t matter what tier lists the FGC come up with in the days and weeks following the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, because if Jiren gets announced, he’s instantly top tier. He can’t not be. Another Dragon Ball Super character, Jiren is a hero, sworn to defend Universe 11 from ne’er do wells and scumbags. He also has power surpassing that of a God of Destruction, which is terrifying. Currently in the anime and manga, he’s been able to easily best anything the Z Fighters and other Universe characters can throw at him. He’s able to block attacks due to the sheer strength of his ki alone, and his attacks are so quick that many characters can’t even register his movement. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how he could be a playable character without being absolutely fucking broken, and that’s fine. Make it happen Arc System Works.

And there we are. Do you have any other suggestions? Sound off in the comments below, and check out some of our other coverage on Dragon Ball FighterZ.