Netflix’s One Piece: Season 2 – 6 Arcs The Show Could Adapt

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One Piece is the highest-selling manga series and one of the most popular anime of all time. Thank goodness Netflix and Tomorrow Studios didn’t fumble the ball with the live-action adaptation, as Netflix’s One Piece: Season 1 was a massive success, and like Luffy entering the Grand Line, all the fans’ eyes are on the future.

What could Season 2 have in store? Well, let’s have a look with all the arcs Netflix’s One Piece: Season 2 could adapt. If you’re worried about things being revealed, this article will be relatively spoiler-free for those who haven’t seen the anime or read the manga.

Before you begin, you should know how the One Piece manga structures its plot.

One Piece is made up of two huge overarching sagas. The Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga and The Final Sea: The New World Saga.

These two big sagas are divided into smaller sagas. In turn, those smaller sagas are divided into arcs, which are made up of episodes.


Netflix’s One Piece: Season 2 Arcs

Judging from how Season 1 went, Netflix’s One Piece: Season 2 will likely cover another saga. The next saga after the East Blue Saga is the Arabasta Saga.

Here are all the arcs in the Arabasta Saga that One Piece: Season 2 could adapt.

Reverse Mountain Arc
Before the Straw Hat Pirates can truly enter the Grand Line, one more challenge awaits them. They must navigate through the perilous Reverse Mountain, where a massive foe awaits.

This is a pretty short arc that will probably only take up one episode; maybe even just part of an episode.

Whisky Peak Arc
The Straw Hats arrive at a town called Whisky Peak. It’s a town that seemingly welcomes pirates with open arms. But all’s not as it seems.

Little Garden Arc
Luffy and his crew land on an island called the Little Garden. An island untouched by time where ancient creatures still reside.

Drum Island Arc
When one of their crewmates contracts a mysterious disease, the Straw Hats seek out a doctor. They head to Drum Island, a kingless country transitioning between leaders.

Arabasta Arc
At long last, the Straw Hats make it to Arabasta. Will they be able to finally take down the group that’s been working against them throughout the saga?

Post-Arabasta Arc (filler arc)
A series of episodes establishing the characters and backstories of the Straw Hat Pirate members.

Admittedly, Season 1 didn’t cover the Warship Island Arc, which was the East Blue Saga’s filler arc. But the Post-Arabasta Arc deserves a mention just in case Netflix and Tomorrow Studios ever decide to adapt it.


How Many Seasons Could Netflix’s One Piece Last?

Based on how far along the manga is currently, Netflix’s One Piece would last for 11 seasons if it follows its one saga per season format. However, at least one of the seasons will probably cover two sagas since the Thriller Bark Saga is exceptionally short. So, the actual number would be closer to 10 seasons.

This is all just speculation based on how Season 1 went though. Due to the show’s initial success, Netflix could decide to start making longer seasons. Maybe they’d want to start making tie-in movies too, like the anime.

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