Minecraft: What Do Horses Eat?

What Do Horses Eat in Minecraft
What Do Horses Eat in Minecraft

When it comes to traveling in Minecraft, horses play a significant role. Because the horse’s attributes are randomized after birth, it’s best to keep feeding and breeding them to find the best horse.

If you’re curious about how to feed a horse in Minecraft, here are different types of food horses eat and how to obtain them.


Minecraft Horse Feeding Guide

Minecraft Horse Food

Horse Food
Horse Food

Like horses in real life, Minecraft horses eat various crops, including:

– Sugar
– Wheat
– Apple
– Golden Carrot
– Golden Apple
– Hay Bale

Except for apples and golden fruits, you can farm sugar, wheat, and hay bale quite easily in the early stage of the game. This makes breeding horses even easier for newcomers in Minecraft.



Crafting Sugar
Crafting Sugar

The most common method to get Sugar is to craft it from Sugar Cane.

Alternatively, you can prepare a Honey Bottle to get 3 Sugar. Besides, witches may drop 0-2 Sugar on death. You can also use a Looting III sword to farm Sugar from witches.



Wheat Farm
Wheat Farm Minecraft

Wheat generates naturally in many structures’ chests, including dungeons, igloos, shipwrecks, underwater ruins, villages, and so on.

In addition, you can get 9 Wheat by putting a Hay Bale in the crafting area. However, the best way to get Wheat in large quantities is to make a farm from Wheat Seeds.



Minecraft Apple
Minecraft Apple

The farmer villagers often sell 4 Apples for an emerald. Moreover, you can loot Apples in igloos, strongholds, and village chests.

Also, if you’re lucky enough, you may get an Apple from leaves after chopping down trees. Each leaf block has a 0.5-0.833% chance of dropping one.


Golden Carrot

Craft a Golden Carrot
Craft a Golden Carrot

Golden Carrot can be found in chests spawned in ancient cities, bastion remnants, or ruined portals.

If you have 8 Golden Nugget and a Carrot, you can also craft a Golden Carrot. Moreover, you can always trade 3 emeralds with the master farmer Villagers for 3 Golden Carrots.


Golden Apple

Craft a Golden Apple
Craft a Golden Apple

The fastest way to get Golden Apples is to craft it using an Apple and 8 Gold Ingots.

Like other food items, you can find a Golden Apple in chests spawned in dungeons, mineshafts, igloos, strongholds, desert temples, woodland mansions, and more. The chance of finding one varies, but the igloo structure always contains 1 Golden Apple in its basement.


Hay Bale

Craft a Hay Bale
Craft a Hay Bale

Hay Bale naturally generates in the Village structure. You can break them with your bare hand, but a hoe is the fastest way to mine Hay Bale.

Besides, you can use 9 Wheat to craft a Hay Bale.

Overall, it’s easy to find food for your horses in Minecraft.

While you can only breed horses with golden carrots or golden apples, farming sugar, wheat, apple, and hay bales are still worth farming since they can heal your horses, accelerate the growth speed, and increase the horse’s temper.

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