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Metal Gear Rising
Metal Gear Rising

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance brought Raiden to the forefront of the Metal Gear universe once again in style, so it’s no wonder that fans of the original have been clamoring for a sequel for some time. It’s been a decade since we last wielded the HF Blade, and you would have expected the ten-year anniversary to be the perfect time to announce Metal Gear Rising 2. Unfortunately, February 19, 2023, came and went with nothing but some artwork from the original, and no mention of Metal Gear Rising 2.

That’s not to say we’ll never see a Metal Gear Rising sequel. During the 10th anniversary, PlatinumGames revealed that the game’s playerbase has increased, and the game’s director, Kenji Saito, reached out to fans in a letter that expressed delight and surprise that Rising is still popular. Could that ongoing popularity ultimately lead to the release of Metal Gear Rising 2? It’s tough to say, but there is power in fan opinion, as recently seen in Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s shift from a large-scale RPG back to the classic AC style.


Metal Gear Rising 2 Release Date

Despite the game’s popularity, chatter about a Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 2 has been nonexistent, and Metal Gear Rising 2 currently isn’t under development as far as anyone knows. That being said, a Rising sequel isn’t entirely unthinkable for PC and the current generation of consoles. We’re definitely a little ways away from the end of the PS5 and Xbox Series X & S, and many AAA games are still on the horizon.

There’s still a little time for a sequel to hit the tail end of the generation. But that would mean PlatinumGames (or another developer) has been secretly working on the follow-up. If work started on Metal Gear Rising 2 now, it would likely mean 2026-2027 at the very earliest before we even see it actually come out.

There was a suspicious tweet from Raiden’s voice actor, Quinton Flynn, that suggested that maybe something was happening with a sequel.

When a fan tweeted the call for a Metal Gear Rising 2, Flynn replied with a wink, “Stayed [sic] tuned for things to be announced in the coming weeks.” That announcement unfortunately wasn’t much more than the 10th anniversary celebration, where nothing new was revealed.


What Could Metal Gear Rising 2 Be About?

Could Raiden be brought full circle back into Snake’s corner? It’s unlikely that a sequel would include anything more than a mention of the legendary soldier (though a funeral would be poignant), much like Revengeance did. It’s time we all admit that, until a Metal Gear Solid remake is announced, we’ve seen the last of Solid Snake and Otacon.

However, writer Etsu Tamari was able to craft a rather complex tale in the Metal Gear universe for the first Rising game, and someone’s sure to do the same for a follow-up. The world of Metal Gear is vast, and there’s a ton of room for Raiden to go up against another gallery of nanomachine-enhanced or robotic foe. It may be difficult to top the eccentric Senator Steven Armstrong and Metal Gear EXCELSUS, but with the right creative mind, anything could happen. So long as we get more Blade Wolf.


Who Would Develop Metal Gear Rising 2?

With Kojima so focused on Death Stranding and the mysterious Xbox Game Studios title, and his complete separation from Metal Gear and Konami, it’s unlikely he would be involved in any way for a sequel to Metal Gear Rising. PlatinumGames could still take the helm, though its focus seems to be on its still-vague Project G.G. And no, Project G.G. isn’t Revengeance 2 in disguise. It has already been revealed as an all-original project by the dev team. If there is a team equipped to handle the fast-paced action of a new Metal Gear Rising game, it’s definitely PlatinumGames.

Whether or not we’ll ever see a sequel is very much speculation, and you never really know what may be in store for the future of Metal Gear. Remember, this is a series that swapped out its very popular main character for a completely polar opposite nobody, one who could one day represent the future of the franchise if Konami play their cards right.

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