Here’s a Compelling Kojima/P.T. Conspiracy Theory

Silent Hills

When P.T. arrived it took the whole gaming community by storm. Although coming out of nowhere, it received enormous praise from both old and new fans of the Silent Hill franchise. Leaving gamers with hope that the final version of Silent Hills would be the most intense and scariest game that they would ever play.

And with the collaboration of both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, players thought that this game success was going to be a sure thing. They just couldn’t wait till Silent Hills hit the shelves!

But, as you all know, that did not happen. Shortly after, it was announced the departure of Kojima from Konami – whom news reported they had been putting the video game designer through Hell – and then came the official cancellation of Silent Hills.

It was a complete mess. And let’s not discuss Konami’s Silent Hill slot machine fiasco.

Hideo Kojima
Image source: Kotaku

But there seems to be a new found hope on the horizon. Or, at least, that this whole debacle was planned by none other than Kojima himself. And a new spiritual successor of Silent Hills is being developed by Kojima’s newly founded studio.

Confused yet? Don’t be. YouTuber RagnarRox – with special guest, Fungo – did an amazing video explaining his conspiracy theory in how exactly Kojima orchestrated this whole ordeal, and perhaps there were hits all along about the chaos that immediately followed.

After all, “Konami… was such a drag”.


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