Memories of Green #3

Part 3 of Josh Blockwell’s Memories of Green series.

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Subject – Call Home

There really isn’t much to do here. I miss you guys. I don’t think I could live this kind of solitary lifestyle in the long term. I don’t do well meeting new people. Takes me a while to get used to a new crowd.

Decided to call my parents today. The constant brownouts here and the griminess of my hotel room reminded me of the farm. I could hear the birds and the wind in the background while they asked me all the usual stuff. Mom was asking me if I was eating right, if I was safe, if my hotel was nice. Obviously living off microwave noodles in a grubby room with gunships flying past my window, I lied to everything they asked. Jesus I miss the birds. The fresh air too. I wish I was back there, as much as I enjoy going around the country for these stories. I miss the simple life. Hell, even after a week I’m starting to miss seeing a blue sky every now and then.

Starting to get a little freaked out by this security camera now, I’m pretty sure cameras can be a little bit smaller these days, a little less intrusive. This thing is almost as long as my arm. What does this hotel need to monitor? I’m pretty sure they’re not that concerned about me lifting bathrobes. Not that they have bathrobes to steal, or anything else really. I imagine room service consists of a guy throwing a mug of soup at you.

I shouldn’t be so negative. I just keep thinking how nice it must be at the top of all these buildings. Above the smog. Not sandwiched halfway between the ground and the roof, in some annex of a hotel. I’ll thank the paper when I get home.



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