Memories of Green #13

Galen tries to enjoy the rarely seen sun in the newest edition of Memories of Green


Galen_Sniper171’s Blog

Date – 22/05/2089

Subject – Sun

It’s sunny today so I’m not going to waste the day by sitting inside and watching military commercials on TV again, well, and actual TV shows, what little of them there are. I think this is the first time I’ve seen sun in this city, guess the Industrial Sectors are having some downtime. The sunlight only serves to highlight how grimy the city is. The Cypher building is gleaming in the light, the glare from the glass is actually hurting my eyes. That one building is probably responsible for illuminating half the fucking city. The sun wouldn’t do anything on its own, what with all the smog hanging in the air.

Fixxxer and Lone_Shark have asked me out again, I think we’re going for a drink down in Midnight In A Perfect World. I wonder what that place looks like in the sunlight. I’ve only ever been there when Industrial Sector 5 is belching out so much filth, it hurts my throat to be outside. Don’t worry about me guys, I’ll be okay.

Been getting a load of blank emails in my inbox. I guess it’s spam, but I don’t know what I’ve signed up to that would lead to getting ten blank emails a day. No text, no subject, I don’t recognise the sender. Anyone else getting these? I’ll ask Fixxxer about it later, he’ll know.

As I’m going to be away for a while longer, I need to ask, Mike, if he’s been feeding Duke while I’ve been here? I don’t want a dead dog by the time I get home.

See you guys



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