Marvel’s Spider-Man: How To Find Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a huge game with pretty much the whole of New York City lying in wait, which means there are plenty of easter eggs to uncover. One of the most obvious ones, being that it’s a fairly large and unusual looking building, is Dr Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

It’s not quite as “interactive” as the Avengers Tower, but it’s a cool little nod all the same.

You can find Dr Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum by travelling over to Greenwich; here’s the exact location:

 Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum

Once you arrive, there unfortunately isn’t very much to do, apart from take a photo of it for your Landmark challenges.

 Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum

There’s no way of entering at this point, or really doing anything with it at all. Still, a neat inclusion — just like the Avengers Tower, we may be able to go inside it at a later date as part of a DLC, but don’t hold your breath.

Rumor has it that if you listen really closely, you can hear Wong chuckling to himself for swerving the mayhem in most of the Marvel movies and kicking back with a beer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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