Is Marathon Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Marathon game
Marathon game

Longtime first-person shooter fans will no doubt remember the Marathon trilogy of games that were released between 1994 and 1996. Bungie may be under the Sony umbrella these days, but that’s not going to stop their upcoming PvP sci-fi extraction shooter Marathon from appearing on a variety of platforms whenever it’s released. The question is whether or not we’re going to see the title on Game Pass. So, is Marathon coming to Xbox Game Pass?

While there’s some great news for next-gen fans on the Marathon front, everyone else, including Game Pass owners, may be disappointed. It doesn’t look like Marathon will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, but there’s still some exciting news for Xbox Series owners, PS5 owners, and anyone else planning to invest in the current gaming generation.


Marathon on Game Pass

Whether by yourself or with upwards of two other players, Marathon promises a lot of fun and challenge. While we don’t know too much about the game yet, at least when it comes to crucial details like the release date, or whether or not there will be a robust story to accompany the mayhem, we do know where the game will land when it’s released.

Yes, Marathon will be coming to not only the PlayStation 5, but also to the PC and even Xbox Series X & S. Both cross-play and cross-support are expected to be included, so does that mean we’ll be seeing the game on Xbox Game Pass?

As we said before, the answer is currently no. Unless you own a PC or a system at the forefront of home console gaming, you’re not going to be playing the upcoming Marathon from developers Bungie. It was initially believed the game would be exclusive to the PS5 anyway, as the developer was recently bought by Sony. However, clearly those involved in the decision to acquire Bungie want to see their properties perform as strongly as possible. And while Sony-published games coming to a Microsoft subscription service may sound farfetched, it’s worth bearing in mind that MLB: The Show is developed and published by Sony yet finds its way to Game Pass.

This means that Marathon may come to Xbox Game Pass someday, but it’s not happening anytime soon.


About Marathon

While we don’t know if Marathon will be a sequel or reboot to the famous 1990s trilogy, we do have a few ideas of what we’re going to get with this massively ambitious release. Considering Sony spent roughly $3 billion on acquiring Bungie in the first place, it stands to reason that the developers have enjoyed the full range of Sony’s formidable resources.

While we don’t even know much about the gameplay yet, the developers for Marathon say that careful strategy and tactical consideration will be essential to survive, grab the loot you’re after, and become one of the most successful Runners in the game. Opportunities for player-driven stories will be established by decisions made by players in this vast, chaotic world. Even a single Runner can find something in Marathon that will set the tone for all other players.

It’s a fascinating grab bag of ideas and graphics that certainly look gorgeous. Will Marathon be worth your time? Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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