Is Marvel’s Black Panther Coming to Game Pass?

Marvel's Black Panther game
Marvel's Black Panther game

Marvel is still all the craze, and while its theatrical and televised projects get most of the attention, there’s some magic happening at several video game studios. Magic like the vibranium-infused heart-shaped herb powering the titular character of Cliffhanger Games’ Marvel’s Black Panther. In July 2023, as part of the 57th anniversary of Black Panther’s debut comic, Marvel revealed that a new EA Games studio was hard at work on a Black Panther title.

This won’t be the first video game rodeo for Wakanda’s protector, though it will be their first solo excursion. Black Panther most recently graced consoles as part of Marvel’s Avengers cast, a game that ultimately landed on Xbox’s Game Pass. Does that mean the vibranium-wearing superhuman will find his way back to the subscription service?

Marvel’s Black Panther may be a ways off still, but we have some answers.


Marvel’s Black Panther on Game Pass

Even though there is very little information about Marvel’s Black Panther, it’s a safe bet that the game will make its way onto Game Pass Ultimate. All it takes is a release on EA’s own subscription service, EA Play, which usually happens for EA’s games roughly 6-10 months after they release. Though EA Play and Game Pass are separate subscriptions, access to the latter includes a full membership to the former.

As an EA Play member, users can take advantage of timed trials and early access to new EA studio games. It’s highly likely that Black Panther will launch on EA Play if even as a timed trial, meaning all Game Pass subscribers will eventually be able to traverse Cliffhanger Games’ version of Wakanda.


About Marvel’s Black Panther

After revealing Black Panther, Marvel and Cliffhanger Games went silent. We know the game will be story-driven, follow an original narrative, and likely feature some elements of a sandbox game. “Wakanda is a rich Super Hero sandbox, and our mission is to develop an epic world for players who love Black Panther and want to explore the world of Wakanda as much as we do,” former Monolith Productions engineer and WB Games Vice President of Development, Kevin Stephens, stated.

Spearheading the project is the brand-new studio, which is comprised of talent from God of War, Call of Duty, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Halo Infinite. This may be Cliffhanger’s first game, but its team sports impressive resumes that suggest Black Panther is in good hands

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