GTA V Reduced In PlayStation Store’s 12 Deals of Christmas

It may have already been out for four years, but Grand Theft Auto V shows no signs of slowing down. GTA Online is a monster and a moneymaking one at that, so let’s not get our hopes up for ever seeing a single-player version DLC for it.

If you’re one of eight people in the world who hasn’t played GTA V or are yet to jump to its current-gen version, this might be the best opportunity you get. For the first time since it launched, it’s finally under the £20 mark, currently available at £19.99 on the PlayStation Store.

Trevor GTA V

This deal comes as part of the 12 Deal of Christmas promotion, which sees reductions on big games. We’ve seen Crash Bandicoot and NBA 2K18 reduced before today, but this is arguably the best deal yet. If you want it, you better act fast – it will be gone by tomorrow.

Personally, I am somewhat tempted to dive back into GTA, even though I completed the single-player on the PS3 and spent more than enough time in GTAO. The thing that holds me back is how pervasive its microtransactions are and how just damned expensive everything is now.

How about you? Drop a comment down below.

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